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How can a country achieve educational reform, when the entire structure, system is faulty? where can one start?

can one achieve educational reform without a foundation?
educational reform in developing society
educational reform towards achieving employable graduates
teachers training reform
curriculum reform


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    Feb 26 2012: You want a country to change then the government must make the decision and fully support the change by all means available. This is easier in non-democratic governments where discussion is limited. In some Socialist countries there has been exciting change. The Chinese government fully supported the new systems of education in Sinapore and in a brief time it surged to the top of the educational ladder.

    In most other countries I would suggest that Edger Rice Burrows was correct when he said that "a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. I would suggest that you plant the seeds of change. Present your ideas to a proper forum. Do not expect radical change. Except small advances toward your goal. This is a lengthy process and you will meet much resistance. Find sources for the tools necessary for change. My "golden rule" is that if you do all of the work the people in charge MAY allow this to happen and will take the credit. You must accept that if it succeeds they did it ... if it fails be ready to take the heat. It is vital that you gain a sponsor of sufficient rank or position who states that your idea has merit and the powers should evaluate it. Without this support you will not go very far and certainly not fast. Bounce ideas off of everyone. Be willing to change. You will make enemies and friends.

    If it fails ... find out why. Revise and start all over. There is not right or wrong way. Find out what the leaders think and weave that into your plans. You have a noble cause and the power of TED minds to help. Remember that when you get to specific or pivital points. Use all of tools in the box. Don't forget tools like khanacademy.org.

    The best of luck.
    • Mar 3 2012: Totally agree, but what if the government are in total support? Political will, money and the need for change is not a problem and is there. What if there is a deep sense of unity in the quest for change, the time is rife and it is so important now. The society recognises this and the government have recognised this, discussions have been had in abundance, in fact the amount of summits, fora organised and attended by the right participants, attendees and speakers have been good. Everyone seems to be involved. So what next? No action plan seems to be followed through, it seems to end there. Discussions need to lead to action, to reform, to a plan and the society needs to be carried along. What next? This is the problem. What next? And how to do this next step? It will be interesting to learn more about the Chinese experience, any suggestions of books to read, sites to visit?
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        Mar 3 2012: On the face there is total support. If that is true then why has this not gone forward. At some point there is a "power" that stands to lose. That "power" has put the brakes on behind the scenes. If you would like to see more on the Chinese progress go to the PISA site and they analyze the singapore experience. There is a book I could recommend that is called, WORK HARD, PLAY NICE.
        There is a way to confront the issue. At the next forum stand and ask questions of where are we, who is running the show, when can we expect pliminary results for review, etc ... This would elicit a response that would be a matter of record. You will not make anyones best friend list but you may achieve a action response. Best of luck. Bob

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