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Mundane question on TED podcasts in iTunes (turning into a mess)

Sorry about this very down to earth question, but it's getting increasingly difficult for me to organize TED podcasts in my iTunes. Instead of having one folder that holds all the TED Talks, I end up having more than a hundred podcasts, each being entitled with the name of the presenter and making my podcast window totaly clutterec. Since there is no way to sort in iTunes by dates for instance (unless you know a way), I would like to know if anyone has a suggestion regarding how to organize the podcasts. I should add that I travel quite a lot, so I use iTunes because I can sync with my iPhone and iPad. Thanks in advance


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    Mar 16 2012: Stephane, if you like TEDTalks in general, you just need to subscribe to the main (i.e. chronological) podcast (SD or HD). If you like TEDTalks in just a few topic areas, you can subscribe to only the curated podcasts in those areas. That way you can reduce duplicate talks in your account.

    iTunes does allow sorting by release date. You can click on the triangle icon beside "Release Date" to sort. You may also want to change "Settings" to keep only unplayed episodes/talks to reduce clutter. The "Settings" button is at the bottom of the Library --> Podcasts screen.

    I hope this helps.

    Lisa Bu
    Content Distribution Manager

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