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When you were a child, were you told negative beliefs about money? How did you overcome that belief system?

I find this an interesting question. I think people have beliefs around money and that belief system can dictate your financial situation. If you were told that having money makes you spoiled then perhaps you put a mental / emotional block on making money as an adult ...if you were told money doesn't grow on trees then perhaps you have anxiety around money and obsess about financial security.

I am looking for answers stating what your beliefs are around money...how that ties into your belief in yourSELF and what you did to overcome any negative or limiting views around money, financial success/loss/security.

Thank you for your honesty. All your answers are appreciated with the greatest of respect.


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      Feb 28 2012: Hi Griffin...thank you for your response!

      A dollar a day saved...10 years...hmmm...I'll keep you posted as to whether that is true :)

      I believe money offers security in the sense of feeling safe knowing that you won't be thrown out of your home because you can't afford it, or you can feed / clothe your children as needed but I also know some very unhappy people who have a lot of money...

      So, money perhaps enhances life but doesn't give you the core elements that enrich your life...I'd rather have a 100 people by my side when I am about to leave this earth than a 100 dollars :)

      Hope you have a wonderful day!
      With a smile,

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