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When you were a child, were you told negative beliefs about money? How did you overcome that belief system?

I find this an interesting question. I think people have beliefs around money and that belief system can dictate your financial situation. If you were told that having money makes you spoiled then perhaps you put a mental / emotional block on making money as an adult ...if you were told money doesn't grow on trees then perhaps you have anxiety around money and obsess about financial security.

I am looking for answers stating what your beliefs are around money...how that ties into your belief in yourSELF and what you did to overcome any negative or limiting views around money, financial success/loss/security.

Thank you for your honesty. All your answers are appreciated with the greatest of respect.


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    Feb 28 2012: Not aware of any negative beliefs about money in sense you describe while growing up.
    No aversion to money. No unhealthy lust for material wealth. Just a mix of reasonable ambition to do well with ignorance about money. Parents only started to get wise about money - paying off debt, saving, investments etc in my teens.
    Then 1987 happened. Also struggled when we brought a business. Result, I'm rather risk adverse. Wife wanted to set up a business. I'm not so keen.

    Still I was lucky to leverage that getting smart period and build on it.
    I studied Investment Analysis, Economics as part of my masters and have read a lot personally.
    I've invested for long term and deliberately speculated - made great returns and lost money.
    I have about 20 money rules - problem is breaking them - discipline. Seriously useful if your partner shares money smarts.

    Anyway, I still have debates with family about money. Good we talk about it.
    They have rather simplistic views - in my view. They go spastic if I say paying more tax is good - if it reflects you are earning more. You just need to evaluate the various scenarios of what you do with your money.
    Still its great if you can get to talking about money

    Thinking about it. Planning, checking, learning.
    Money is in my goals alongside health, happiness, relationships
    Overlaps career. Get an education so you can escape low paid jobs etc etc
    Your earning capacity is one side of the wealth equation.

    If I could sum it up - educate yourself on the subject, understand the options for your current situation and goals.
    Plan, Budget, Experiment
    Don't put big money into things you don't have a good understanding off.
    Appreciate risk versus reward - lower the risk as you get older
    The power of diversification - lowers risk - not all eggs in one basket
    Adjust your plan as you pass through life's stages.
    Pay off all credit card debt before the interest free period is up.
    Pay off your home mortgage
    Spend less than you earn
    Enjoy reaching your goals
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      Feb 28 2012: Thank you GM...these are great tips...simple yet effective...

      I love your statement "Money is in my goals alongside health, happiness and relationships"

      I think that is healthy...wise...and smart.

      Thank you for your response! I think it will help others as well... :)
      With a smile,

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