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When you were a child, were you told negative beliefs about money? How did you overcome that belief system?

I find this an interesting question. I think people have beliefs around money and that belief system can dictate your financial situation. If you were told that having money makes you spoiled then perhaps you put a mental / emotional block on making money as an adult ...if you were told money doesn't grow on trees then perhaps you have anxiety around money and obsess about financial security.

I am looking for answers stating what your beliefs are around money...how that ties into your belief in yourSELF and what you did to overcome any negative or limiting views around money, financial success/loss/security.

Thank you for your honesty. All your answers are appreciated with the greatest of respect.


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  • Feb 25 2012: Negative belief - money is real.

    Negative belief - money is important.

    Overcome these beliefs through understanding that money is a fiction created to speed and simplify the process of exchange of value.

    Determine what value means to you as an individual.
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      Feb 27 2012: Interesting answer Chuck...thank you...with respect, can you define what value means to you?
      • Feb 28 2012: Learning.

        Our perception of value in individual and continually changing over time. It's not the same for all since diversity in cognitive characteristics is of great "value."

        To me, value is an emotional response that is the product or outcome of an activity that provides an intrinsic reward to the individual voluntarily participating in that activity. It is not material reward.

        By example, the value a teacher derives from participating in the learning growth of a student, a parent observing the emotional growth of their child, team members learning from their mistakes and successes, someone learning the real utility of money as a transactional lubricant.

        The ultimate 'value" is the never ending ability to continually learn and become wise enough to act with knowledge while doubting what you know.

        Hope that makes sense.
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          Feb 28 2012: Thank you Chuck...yes, I agree there is tremendous value in growth, lessons, change, response, loving, inspiring, working for and achieving goals...watching others discover they are stronger and smarter than they imagined...it is a beautiful gift for all involved...

          Thank you, hope today treats you with kind hands!
          With a smile,

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