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When you were a child, were you told negative beliefs about money? How did you overcome that belief system?

I find this an interesting question. I think people have beliefs around money and that belief system can dictate your financial situation. If you were told that having money makes you spoiled then perhaps you put a mental / emotional block on making money as an adult ...if you were told money doesn't grow on trees then perhaps you have anxiety around money and obsess about financial security.

I am looking for answers stating what your beliefs are around money...how that ties into your belief in yourSELF and what you did to overcome any negative or limiting views around money, financial success/loss/security.

Thank you for your honesty. All your answers are appreciated with the greatest of respect.


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    Feb 25 2012: I didn't. Money cannot be loved To love money, not money itself, causes all manner of negativity. QUOTE: "The love of money is the root of all evil:. . . " (The Holy Bible, First Timothy 6:10 KJV). Thanks for your relevant question, Ms. Moore.
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      Feb 27 2012: Thanks Edward...I agree it's the emotion attached to the 'thing'...in this case money that can be toxic...but as Vineet mentioned, money is essential...so I will ask you the same question...why do you think it comes easily to some and not to others?
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        Feb 28 2012: People's lives manifest what they prize. Other than heirs and heiresses people who have money are people who prize money and worked diligently in pursuit of it. Those who are not wealthy prize other things than money. We accumulate what we value. Of course this applies on local economies only. The stone age tribal member who has three monkey skulls while some have none worked hard to get them while others were doing something else. Bill Gates has more than everyone else because he valued discovery, invention, problem-solving, etc. while poor people like me valued fishing and television.
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          Feb 28 2012: Thank you for expanding on your answer Edward...I appreciate it...

          I value fishing too! There is patience and skill required...there is accomplishment and sense of peacefulness while you are out there...there is an appreciation and respect for nature...

          I suppose it comes down to priorities...and a way of life...some thrive on the buzz of the stockmarket while others enjoy the peace of the ocean...neither is right or wrong but rather an individual choice...

          Hope you are enjoying your day!
          With a smile,

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