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Do you think Genetically Modified food (GM) is morally justifiable? How about the "Industrialisation" of food production?

We covered artificial selection today in Biology, and it got me thinking about the ethics of production. Animals like the Belgian blue cow are bred solely for their consumption as beef.

Expanding the topic, is it right to manufacture animals for food as we do in, say, battery farms?


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    Mar 6 2012: Tara,
    I agree that if we knew where our food came from, it would change the way we eat. I stopped eating beef and pork 9 years ago. Considering I was a self proclaimed carnivore, and a large part of my diet consisted of pork and beef, I thought the change would be difficult. However, I had recently read about factory farming, and what that entailed, along with what ground beef could consist of and it changed my constitution for eating or wanting to eat meat. So now, almost a decade later I eat only free range poultry and fish (of the small variety). I can't tell you the amount of push back I received from people for the longest time. I live in Texas! I dont usually mention my dietary change because I'm not trying to advocate or make my choice an imposition to my mammal eating family and friends, but since the topic is about GM foods, and
    Factory farming is a system that is far from a natural life course for the animals it seems lie an appropriate place to share here.
    On Western diseases and money awarded to research...it comes down to putting a value on the population being treated and the profitability from certain procedures, drug development, etc. Is it morally justifiable? I think not, for the many people left without treatment and the approach to disease in the first place. We have a political system driven by interest groups that prefer to continue to treat disease that can be quelled more effectively by changing how our foods are produced, and making real foods available to everyone in all grocery stores nationwide. Instead, we skip the source and look for ways to treat the effects, and that is our most costly challenge for the health of western societies and the costs that are not sustainable in the healthcare arena.
    Why didn't my grandparents didn't take an arsenal of pharmaceuticals? I suspect diet played a role.

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