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Niaz Uddin Sohel

Founder and President, NiazBiz.com

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How can we involve more people in voluntary works?

Please share your Ideas.


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  • Feb 25 2012: Mr. Sohel,

    First, we must set an example.

    Second, we must communicate different ways to volunteer in all aspects of life, whether it be at a soup kitchen or helping pick up trash on a road or volunteering at a veternarian office or tutoring neighborhood kids, & etc.

    Third, we must offer ways to socially re-enforce such behavior. Social incentive is the only way to truly drive volunteerism, because monetary incentive is necessarily sacrificed. I think that Facebook and other internet sites (possibly already do) should offer a widget which tracks service hours, almost like a status update or 'like' monitor.

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      Feb 25 2012: Dear Seth Powell, thanks a lot for these nice ideas. I also believe in examples not in developing theories.
      Yah, communication is very much important as I have found some people taking volunteers but employee them for their personal profitable works. ...:(

      The point you have bought 'social incentive' will help me a lot...:) Thanks a lot for your time and passion..:)

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