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How can we involve more people in voluntary works?

Please share your Ideas.

  • Mar 2 2012: Best wishes for success and happiness in every part of your life, Niaz. Power to the positive!
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      Mar 3 2012: I am also wishing you best wishes. Hope we will get together in the field of TED someday...:) Take very good care.
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    Mar 3 2012: "Volunteers do not get paid, not because they are worthless.....but because they are priceless"

    To answer your question simply, you have to "match" those who need the volunteers, with those that "want" to volunteer.

    When a school puts out flyers to the parents and community with "clear information" explaining of a volunteer opportunity, and what is involved in a timely manner, the response is usually phenomenal.

    Also, this very same concept can be used for any organization.

    Sometimes, volunteers are needed long-term....such as in hospitals, or charity organizations. Other times it is a one time deal.

    The key is finding those in the community with "TIME" on their hands.

    We had a group called "candy stripers".....young people who volunteered hours at local hospitals to cheer up patients, it was part of their school classes. They could "choose" to volunteer to earn graduation credits.

    At local churches, some members organize volunteer groups to go out to help the homeless, and also at hospitals and elder care facilities.

    In my opinion it is not at all difficult to organize just have to know where to look, and most have to "lead by example".

    Be Well
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      Mar 3 2012: Amazing!
      Mainly these lines are INVALUABLE:

      "Volunteers do not get paid, not because they are worthless.....but because they are priceless"

      To answer your question simply, you have to "match" those who need the volunteers, with those that "want" to volunteer.

      I am truly grateful to you for your impressive ideas. God has given you a nice soul. Thanks for your ideas.
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        Mar 3 2012: You are most welcome. I am glad to have helped you.
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      Mar 1 2012: Very true saying. I will share some of my ideas (even i am going to implement those). These projects are designed to help MASS. I believe we can work together taking the advantage of web 2.0. Thanks for your comment.
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    Feb 27 2012: As a long time volunteer I can respond to this from my own experience.

    Firstly, volunteers never work for nothing - the payment's not money - but it's often worth more to the volunteer than money. The reasons are many and varied. They could be...

    to develop new skills, knowledge or interests,
    as a way into paid employment,
    to gain a feeling of putting something of value back into the community,
    to be valued and respected,
    to keeping fit,
    to prevent loneliness,
    to pass on their own skills or knowledge to others,
    to be part of a creative project,
    to have fun,
    for religious reasons.

    Most volunteers volunteer for a mixture of reasons.

    Secondly, taking on volunteers is not free - there are significant costs involved. To get people to volunteer on a long term basis you need to stress what volunteer's can get out of volunteering for you.

    Will you refund travel expenses or provide transport?
    Will you provide training?
    Will you provide all the equipment / protective clothing necessary for the volunteer to work safely for you?
    Will you insure volunteers while they are volunteering for you?
    Will you provide them with meals while they are working for you?
    Will you provide a Good Volunteer Award for the most diligent / committed volunteer?
    Will you provide them with a reference for a job after a certain period of time?
    Will you respect, value and thank them?
    Will you reward them for any ideas they come up with that improves your efficiency...?

    People love to volunteer - often you get better work from a volunteer than a paid employee. A volunteer wants to work for you - and employee needs to work for you.
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      Feb 27 2012: WOW! Real life experience. These are actually amazing lessons for me. I believe these lessons are gonna help most of us. I am thanking you from the deepest corner of my soul for these nice ideas.
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    Feb 25 2012: An example of what people would be volunteering for would help me formulate an answer for this.

    As a business man, most people I come across simply won't do something for free.
    If what they are volunteering for can provide something of value (not necessarily monetary) then more people will join.
    For example, I volunteered in two charity stores in return for part time management training and because it looked good on my CV.
    It may not be the most favored of approaches, but it works.
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    Feb 24 2012: Dear Niaz Uddin Sohel,
    To encourage people to be more involved in voluntary works, I would advise to read your profile, which is very inspiring:>)

    That being said, we all need to "be" what we want to "see" in our world. We inspire by "being" the best that we can be:>)
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      Feb 25 2012: I am truly grateful as you have read all of my profile. Okay I will let more people to read my profile
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    Mar 24 2012: We are almost done. If you wanna share more ides about involving volunteers, you can do it now. Only 8 hours to go. Thanks.
  • Feb 29 2012: You know:
    What Heather wrote below is very beautiful and other than a couple of them, there is one thing that strikes me about them.
    I believe in, talk about, and urge people to get rid of money and end all monetary systems and to begin thinking in very new ways. And virtually everyone I talk to says the same thing:
    "There will be nothing to motivate people then, nothing at all!!"

    It's as though, without money, everyone would stop getting hungry, or thirsty, or cold, hot or in need of medical attention or shelter, education, transportation, play, teaching or helping out.

    Only two of hers mention money. So, am I to believe that without money, the wonderful reasons she listed for us humans to contribute (for no money), would die as well? If one thinks, "yes," then methinks the brainwashing is just too deep, too thorough, too complete and it's too bad.

    Things don't cost money. They cost people.
    Things don't "get done", because of money.
    Things, "don't get done", because of money.
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      Feb 29 2012: WOW! Amazing. Do you know why Do I love TED? Yes! It is only because it has a community! yes! a community having beautiful mind. I do agree with you. Personally, I don't work for money. I truly believe in change. If someone has great Ideas and clear vision having impact for making this world a better place to live in then I feel proud to be follower, volunteer and even clerk. I believe you guys will do so. Money is important to survive but contribution, change and impact are far more important. Thank you so much.
  • Feb 25 2012: Deprive them of paid employment.
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      Feb 29 2012: ...:)
      • Feb 29 2012: Glad you got it. Happy Today.
      • Mar 1 2012: Niaz, If you are not too busy, how about getting 100% of the men in your country to acknowledge their equality to 100% of the women in your country and to share power within all parts of your society equally. I think your total population will be catapulted into sheer health, prosperity, justice, truth and happiness and set a wonderful example for the whole world to follow. Happy Today. Power to the positive!
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          Mar 2 2012: Dear Pavis, the idea you have brought is really a good one. I am also thinking like that. But this is not the best time for me. Till now I am a passionate learner. I just have started working on my vision. I am now making a base! yes! a base staying where I will leave a body of meaningful works for the betterment of all. So I will have to wait for some more days. I believe all of you will enlighten me with your ideas, innovations, knowledge and if possible support. Thanks.
  • Feb 25 2012: Mr. Sohel,

    First, we must set an example.

    Second, we must communicate different ways to volunteer in all aspects of life, whether it be at a soup kitchen or helping pick up trash on a road or volunteering at a veternarian office or tutoring neighborhood kids, & etc.

    Third, we must offer ways to socially re-enforce such behavior. Social incentive is the only way to truly drive volunteerism, because monetary incentive is necessarily sacrificed. I think that Facebook and other internet sites (possibly already do) should offer a widget which tracks service hours, almost like a status update or 'like' monitor.

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      Feb 25 2012: Dear Seth Powell, thanks a lot for these nice ideas. I also believe in examples not in developing theories.
      Yah, communication is very much important as I have found some people taking volunteers but employee them for their personal profitable works. ...:(

      The point you have bought 'social incentive' will help me a lot...:) Thanks a lot for your time and passion..:)
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      Feb 25 2012: The tax issue is really amazing. Thanks for all of your ideas.
  • Feb 24 2012: I suggest we transfer enough money to people to live in a healthy, dignified manner and free them from the paid slavery of paid employment. That way they will be available to participate in volunteer activities.
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      Feb 25 2012: Yes! very nice saying.
      • Feb 25 2012: Niaz, Just checked out your website. Right on, Dude! I am very glad you are doing what you are doing. Best wishes for success in every category of your life. Power to the positive!
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          Feb 25 2012: I am really grateful to yu as you got time to visit my website. It is now under construction. I will make it as like as most beautiful girl/ handsome boy, i will upload the knowledge of think tanks, i will make it appealing for knowledge, I will make it attractive for interaction..:) I believe u have already got little taste. Please don't hesitate to share it with others. Take very good care.
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    Feb 24 2012: There are two TED speakers that come immediately to my mind that may be of interest to you as you pursue this matter. One is Yochai Benkler. The other is Clay Shirky. They both address in their TED talks the increasing potential given modern technology of getting talented people to offer their time without monetary compensation to good works.
    Separate from technological avenues, there are different strategies within communities that will depend on the values of the place. In the United States it is common for high school students to be required to invest maybe 80 hours into service as a requirement for graduating high school. This requirement is intended less as a means of employing these young people as a source for good in the moment than to motivate them to think of service as a part of their personal identities.
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      Feb 25 2012: Dear Fritzie, Thanks for referring me these two videos. I will watch them out today. I believe I am going to learn actual things from these two TEDTalks
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      Feb 25 2012: Dear Fritzie, thanks a lot. I just have seen 5 videos, Yochai Benkler(1) and Clay Shirky (4) . These are the great lessons for me.
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    Feb 24 2012: To get people to volunteer you must entice them. Think of how they got you to cooperate with the American lifestyle: (1) birth, (2) school, (3) work, and (4) death. They got you with a "come on, kitty, kitty, kitty" and dangled prizes in front of you. It worked then, why would it not work now?

    Of course, you need prizes and charisma for that to work. Charisma seems in short supply these days; most people seem to lack the necessary social skills to develop whatever natural charisma they posses.
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      Feb 24 2012: You are right 'Reilus'. Thanks for your ideas. If you have more please share.
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        Feb 25 2012: We agree on principles, now what we need to consider is application. That is something you would do where you are and would be specific to your needs. It seems you have enough theory and what is missing is practice. =)
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          Feb 25 2012: Actually, I have been implementing my ideas. I do strongly believe 'Any stupid can have a great idea/theory but genius needs to implement it'.