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How can i overcome my weakness?

i have been humilated several times and this is leading me for shyness and no self confidence


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    Feb 24 2012: I'll try to give you some kind of testimonial here: Overcoming this constructed "weakness" is a matter of firstly identifying that there's no such weakness.

    All people have flaws and qualities and we should invest in them.

    While growing up I felt somewhat like you, for my own motives, of course, my problem was that I was obese, and people humiliated me for that.

    I felt very angry for this, with myself and with other people. I became distanced and alone.

    Fortunately, my problem was an easy one to solve, but only when I became sure enough of my qualities.

    Before I stopped to look at my good, there was no energy to change, much because I was occupied hating myself.

    I don't know if this fits you, but in sum, you'll have to find yourself, to understand yourself and accept yourself in order to make any changes that you find necessary (and mind you, they're probably not the ones you think about today).

    Good luck friend, you can do it. Don't let people get you down.

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