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What would you go back to school to finish if you were going back?

I asked the question in the Debate section: Why is it all about the college degree?

I got a resounding - Because people think you can finish something before they hire you.

So now I wonder for the undegreed 20/30/40 somethings...What would you go back to school to finish if you were going back?

Knowing everything that our adult experiences have taught us, what would you complete a degree in? Where? What do you think it would change about your life?

Personally I would like to complete a communications degree at the University of Texas at Austin and get admitted to the LBJ School of Public Affairs. I don't think I would use the education to run for a public office or anything, but I would like to think I would be able to find more ways to positively impact the world. More eyes and ears perk up when you add letters behind your name.

Life experience has taught me why, but the degrees give me the education to say how.

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    Mar 4 2012: I'm reminded of a quote that goes something like this: Education starts the minute you leave college. Having left college over 20yrs ago, I think it'd be great to go back (if possible) and redo whatever you did before with hopefully more of a perspective of the why you're doing it.

    For me the course of study I embarked on was medicine,out of honor and respect for my father. Yet when I think of what was my first love Psychology I don't know that doing that line of study would have got me any closer to this point in my life. For now I still have that "first love" and use the skills I've learnt in ways I've not dreamt of before.

    A few years ago I did a diploma in counselling while working, then studied Life coaching and in the process met and married a wife who now is the second most important person in my life.

    None of my studies were about the number of letters behind the name ,because that speaks of ability and interest; it does necessarily speak of more important things love and passion in the areas of interest.
    • Mar 4 2012: Education starts at home, ideally when you come home and are raised and nurtured by a parent and not a 7a.m-6pm replacement that doesnt care about you. I really worry about the tipping point the US has reached over 50% new births to single moms, scary, single parents more than 70% more likely to end up in poverty.
      Everyone here talking about college, you dont have to go to college to be successful. Lots of Europeans attend trade schools and are happier and more successful, its class warfare to tell kids the only way to succeed is college and utterly ridiculous. We are all not meant to be the Same.

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