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How can educators use the knowledge from Chris Anderson's "How Web Video Powers Global Innovation" in the classroom?

We are being asked to engage our 21st Century learners in a way that is authentic and purposeful. How can we, as educators, parents and mentors, set up a system that capitalizes on the knowledge outlined by Chris Anderson’s talk on video and global innovation while keeping in mind Adora Svitak's plea to listen to our youth?

Another related video is Alan November's TEDx talk found here:

  • Feb 25 2012: Ask the students this question and support to make their responses a reality.

    Why did become so popular?

    Let the students teach using the medium ( "Mummified Chickens. Mutant frogs and Rockets to the Moon", or the Ottawa County, Michigan presentation "Into the Watershed").

    On any issue of significance to the students have them answer the question "Why?" seven times using web video - challenge them to have the question "Why?" on any issue answered seven times.

    And de link these learning journeys from the tyranny of time and the Carnegie unit of academic credit. The key subjective measure should be identifying the learning that occurred, not the amount of material that was 'covered' using the medium. Teachers will have to join the learning journey!
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      Feb 28 2012: Yes, teachers will most definitely have to join the learning journey. Agreed!

      Thank you for sharing your thought provoking ideas, Chuck.
  • Feb 24 2012: The trick is to take the best and move with it. Our students know what is worth their time... Just like we do. Now all we have to do is get past the fluff and the things that are "required" in order to get to the gold. I do think that is the main incentive for home schooling. It is also a real strong incentive for keeping libraries and expanding the time for students to independently explore in all realms. Read, share, read more, explore, engage, and now, of, skype, facetime.....:)
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    Feb 24 2012: I commend two links to consider a better balance between real and virtual worlds for kids as they learn to be in the world.