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Can we not develop strategies that would enable soldiers to interact among themselves and create peace among themselves and others?

Leaders decide on matters of war and peace; Soldiers are merely the instruments of war. They face several ethical dilemmas: kill or live. Besides creating dialogues between leaders to create peace, what if such dialogue is also created among soldiers!


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    Feb 26 2012: I think that the solution to many problems in this world is to stop, think, listen and the most important - dialogue.
    It would be really interesting to see if soldiers could dialogue with other soldiers and share their points of view with no guns on their hands and no orders to take. How great it would be of they could understand each other.
    If soldiers could think clearly and refused to be "the instruments of war", wars wouldn´t happen.

    This is a very problematic issue. I don´t know much about the lives of soldiers and wars and wars environments.
    If anyone wants to discuss and show me that I´m wrong don´t hesitate replying.
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      Feb 26 2012: Thank your very much for your ideas. They are really awesome! although it seems risky and fearful, we gotta be brave and give a try. The probabilities of successes are as much as the probabilities of failures. Only, we haven't tried!

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