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Who will help me design the human-powered community?

It is obvious that we are fast aproaching an energy crisis - maybe this year, maybe in 20 years.

It is also obvious that our top-down power structures are incapable of responding to our mid-term future. THat leaves bottom-up - stuff we can do from our own back-yards.

My dad always used to say: "Someone should do something about that!" "well I'm someone!" and then he proceeded to do something. He got a lot done.

SO now - I am asking YOU - "Are YOU someone?" or are you no-body. If you are nobody, don't bother replying, but if YOU are SOMEBODY - let's get this thing rolling!

We need techmologies to replace fossil fuel - and teh most abundant alternate source of energy on this planet right now is - humans.

Now .. if we do not begoin to harness our own power soon, there will be a bunch of armed guys coming to your doorstep soon to take you at gunpoint to be power-generators on treadmills.

They will feed you a starvation diet so that you can be composted for their fields when you die. But because the only abundancy on this planet right now is human flesh, they can do that for many years before they run out of humans.

It is in all our interest to pre-empt our death at the treadmill to design ways to generate all the power we need from our own muscles. Be someone or be a power-unit with about 2-months storage before you become compost in a war-lord's farm.

I call for engineers and pragmatists who are "someone" .. if you do not respond, you risk falling to the fate of all the no-bodies on this planet.

Tell me - what can we do to store energy out of solar/wind/pedall-power without using global-sourced infrastructure? - I.E how do we make folk-magnets? How do we make gravity-store energy sources? How do we make solar cells from scratch?

And most important - what is it from our current civillisation that we really need to keep?

I would like to build a list of essential stuff theat needs to be saved - otherwise we will lose the lot and have to do it all over agian.


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    Feb 27 2012: It's not just a matter of energy, but one of keeping humans central to the power structure (rather than corporations.) I've been hammering together a vision for a response to what seems a rapidly approaching post-state world, where it's people against corporations. I envision a democratic system that is essentially global in scale and undefilable by corporate powers or other systems, called Democratic Globe. See what you think:

    -Tim Holmes
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      Feb 27 2012: I have spoken to a few enlightened lawers about this.

      It is maximum importance to strike the artificial(legal) person from the statutes. This includes the corporation as a person. A new collective definition is required to honour the community without subverting the individual. Access to the natural persons as defined by law is essential - thus all collectives are individually responsible. This prevents the veil of the artificial and enforces the old idiom of: no power without responsibilty, and no responsibilty without the power to acquit. This is a new frame of law that needs to be cast.

      It can only be enacted bottum-up. Top-down legal and power structures have failed us.

      I have been working with a colleage to define the true measure between the meta and the physical. This is quite imprtant for the effective function of currency (transaction of value between individual "selves" (Natural persons under law).

      The meta works on the physical through the modulation of entropy - this is a manifestation of a thing I call "agency".

      At the moment, we accept a mediation of the exchange of value between natural persons called "currency".

      However, currency requires current-value - and most of the value we trade has expired (amortised). And in facvt - all we deal with that is not amortised (dead) has become expressed as inflation. THe problem with what we "take" as currency is a meta thing. THere is a BIG difference between the metaverse and a universe. A universe exists in Newtonian space and must remain zero-sum - it is finite. The metaverse has no such limitation. The Metaverse is all that is not physical - it is infinite, where the universe is finite, and therefore the metaverse is not locked to the physical resources of the universe - it is, by nature, inflationary. A syustem cannot use a meta-object to represent, in totallity, a physoical object. Money is lies. Energy is not lies - A functioning transactional system between physical individuals must be Physical.
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      Feb 27 2012: (Part 2)
      In the new physical world devoid of meta-humans, meta-value cannot exist.
      If a human requires more than 50watts of power for survival, then another physical source must be secured. This source MUST represent a surplus - E.G. the surplus of the potential energy of a horse or a water-wheel or a solar collector. The new world must have a statute that the surplus must never be drawn from another human.

      Now .. we must address our vanity. IF a horse or a bacteria delivers its excess to us, it must be honoured in some way - an honour bestowed on each individual that brings value greater to its base-line survival - this is called "wealth" - the new world will honour the "common wealth". The common wealth will be released by removing the artificial person in law.

      In this way, a "judge" will become a natural person and abandon his role as a proxy "director" and become a natural person who is just as accessible to the law as everyone else. In other words, he will be impelled to reveal the truth.

      The bottom line is energy. Energy is required to modulate entropy, the modulation of entropy is required to support life, Life modulates entropy through agency. Agency is generated in the metaverse as the application of perception via "knowledge" to convert energy and matter away from the default entropy vector - thus creating the gap necessary for life to exist.. You could say that knowledge is potential agency, just as a batery stores potential energy. Agency plus energy = environmental-niche.

      The metaverse is infinite, the universe is not. HUmans, by themselves, are only part of the environment .. true, we account for 98% of biomass of mammals if you count our pets and livestock . but then .. only 1/4 of a human consists of human cells.

      Don't get too vain.

      Get to know your neighbours - they are OK guys.

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