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Western culture is wasteful. Is it fair to suggest that most people have to ask themselves what is worth more: luxuries or the future?

Phones last up to a year, rarely fixed to be reused.

Most restaurant franchises and corporations supply more waste than small countries.

Car companies come out with new models every year.

Oil... enough said

Recycling is more of a fade then it is a requirement.

When is enough damage enough?


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    Mar 7 2011: Your a bit too caught up in the Media. You and I should worry about evacuating the post populated piece of land in the nation. That is whats wasteful. Over birth and Immigration is whats wasteful. I'm not saying their all good and at this point America is nothing more then a nation of rights to be wronged to prove how right their residual value is worth. Quality Corporations are what make America. Franchising , especially in New Jersey is very improperly use and disrupts quality lifestyle. This still will lead you back to higher quality population and less immigration before quality outcome.
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      Mar 7 2011: The media doesn't have any concern of these issues because they are owned by those who make the problems (for America anyways) I don't understand what you are saying
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        Mar 27 2011: The media is a significant in this issue , when we mention any kind of culture. Cultural outcome from social media. Another words the media aspect on this topic is that you believe we are being over conservative in this generation yet we use to much resources in some cases you are correct and trust by dividing these two aspects your entangled incorrectly somewhere and likely through the media. The fact you mention the media as if it were an outside perspective suggest such as well.
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          Mar 29 2011: Okay well let's define media as the source of public information, not just news channels, so that is schooling, themes of television shows (T.V in general), parents, peers, and internet.

          Now, in my media usage and understanding I am not confused about any problems in relation to western culture being wasteful, if anything I am unaware of how to solve them on an individual basis.

          Now you feel we should not live in city-like conditions, but that is the future. Cities allow resources to travel less, be used to benefit more people, and overall increase productivity.

          In a world where bio-friendly products exist (bio-friendly = long lasting, and non-lethal toxins used) life would become easier to maintain. In the ideal and best conditions that are possible and completely plausible, over population is welcomed.

          Immigration really? People coming to this nation for the ideology of becoming rich and having money is exactly what we teach our children to think. The american dream is the most ignorant thing ever, it universalized the idea of making materials what matter. No religion saying "treat others as you want to be treated" can beat the idea of putting materials over others, because the more you have the happier you will be is the ideology expressed in modern american media.Lotteries, game shows, and CONSTANT coverage of celebrities (wealth/rich people). Immigrants aren't the problem the values we install in society are.

          The media is in no way affecting this issue, if anything it is preventing the correction (global pollution), by feeding the general public nonsense about pop culture rather than REAL information is why the news is of no concern to this issue. If people really wanted to know about these amazing people they could buy the hundred magazines that are nothing but celebs.

          Fox news is a biased station (in favor of republicans, people who think the science on global warming and climate shifting is inconclusive) proven on youtube time after time.

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