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Is Abortion good or bad???

Plase share your views on this Topic of Abortion.What do you think,are you against it or with it..pls share


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  • Feb 25 2012: As a woman I have been giving a lot of thinking on this question… is Abortion good or bad? In any case I think that this decision should be taken by the persons directly involved in the act of pregnancy and not by the church, relatives, etc. Abortion is a serious decision, like any other serious decisions that we might have to take in life, taking in consideration the physical and psychological stress, risks and complications and the commitment that arise from keeping the pregnancy.
    In this respect any person that really wants to avoid the trouble of an abortion or the commitment to an unwanted pregnancy, should really, really take care to avoid this pregnancies! However I understand that nothing in life is 100% safe, and there are other circumstances to get involved in an unwanted pregnancy (i.e. rape) so it’s good to be prepared to face anything…

    To cut the story short, to me the bottom line is that you (and your partner, if there is one) will have to decide if you will take the life of a child or not? So therefore the question would be, is killing good or bad? Society have answered already to this question, it depends very much of the circumstances! In a self defense act in most countries I think you don’t go to jail but you get to live with the consciousness that you have killed a person and the stress that may involve the process. So I take the abortion that equals to an unwanted pregnancy as a human right, a self defense right to an unwanted/ unable/ unqualified/ impossible to undertake a long term commitment. And as long as it’s your decision, you will live with it, not the church, not the relatives, nobody else but you!
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      • Feb 28 2012: Thank you Roy. It’s strange how this obvious matter is debated mainly by men.
        I would never say that men don’t have a word in this decision, they are directly involved in the pregnancy act, however I wonder do really men like spreading children around the world? Do they really protect themselves from the unwanted pregnancies in the first place, and secondly are they really so relaxed with the idea of having children with any woman that maybe accidentally they left pregnant? Or maybe we are just talking words here, and the reality is that is ever the case of unwanted pregnancy the partner is the first one to send the woman for abortion?
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      Mar 1 2012: In addition to all this I have to quote a fictional TV character, as it reflects my opinion about this topic:
      Patient: I don't know what to do.
      Doctor: I can't tell you what to do. I can only tell you that it is your choice.
      Patient: Maybe it shouldn't be.
      Doctor: But it has to be. When it comes to abortion, everybody has an opinion. Everybody is going to want to tell you what to do. If this were 1972 - you wouldn't have a choice. Now you do. But it's still hard. And even after you've made the most difficult and personal decision that there is, it's still not safe because you have some fanatic who claims to value life and can walk into an abortion clinic and blow it up. You are the only one who know if you're ready to have a child. Everybody else's opinion is just background noise. So, if you want to keep the baby - I'll support you. You want to give it up for adoption, I'll help. You want an abortion, I'll do it. I am not here to judge you. I just need you to know that whatever decision you make is for you - not for me or anybody else - but for you.

      This is how the conversation between every doctor and woman thinking about an abortion should go.

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