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Is Abortion good or bad???

Plase share your views on this Topic of Abortion.What do you think,are you against it or with it..pls share


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    Feb 24 2012: My position on this, after thinking for some time on this issue is the following:

    Let's take the entity "abortion" aside for a little moment, let's face pregnancy. Pregnancy is the result of a human interaction, a very specific interaction that can be made at any moment in life, sometimes it is between two well established people that make this choice.

    Very often it's not, it's the result of a lack of reasoning from people too young, too poor, too unadjusted or it could even be forced.

    In the first case, the choice to have offspring (or I like to see it, the full expression of humanity, the reasoning in choosing the moment to procreate), the interruption of this process is a deep and sad trauma for whatever the reason is, so, it's not this kind of pregnancy we have to care about at this moment, right?

    Now, when this result comes from the second hypothesis, what really differentiates this unwanted, unbearable pregnancy from an infection?

    Thinking in a strictly logic way: At this situation we have a foreigner being using this woman's resources to grow. It's not her (half of the genes aren't) and the outcome is not the intended at first.

    I really do believe that in those cases, the situation is of an infection by a potentially highly intelligent life form, but an infection nevertheless as in the sense of an unwanted, detrimental form of life growing from the resources of another being.

    If we let aside any emotional or cultural weight, the decision is somewhat simple. And I know this is not the more popular view around, but as a father, I'm really convinced that any even slightly unwanted pregnancy should not be allowed to go forward for I shiver just imagining one of those little, fragile creatures in the hands of someone who utterly hates them or blames them for their own failure.
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      Feb 24 2012: You present an interesting question Carlos, and one I have faced as a person working with women and children in a shelter. I have "shivered" many times when women have been told by their family that they could not have an abortion because of the family's religious beliefs.

      Are some moral judgements causing the birth of little fragile, vulnerable, children into the hands of someone who utterly hates them and/or blames them for their own situation? Perhaps, and that is sad.

      Research shows us that from the time of conception, babies are influenced by the mother and the environment around them. So, even if the plan is to give the baby up for adoption, the moral judgement imposed on women by moral leaders to NOT have an abortion, is often causing the baby to live for at least 9 months in challenging circumstances, and often they are drug and/or alcohol addicted when they are born.

      Are we honestly doing the child a favor by forcing the pregnancy to go to term? Or does this belief feed someone's own moral judgements? I say it is the latter. It is not, in any way a gift to the child.
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      Feb 25 2012: Carlos, there is a serious problem with you reasoning; you refused, maybe unknowingly, to speak of the "subject". You speak only of the circumstances that created the “subject”. I think the real question is how to define abortion. If you agree with me that abortion is taking of human life, then the life in question is the main subject. What if there was no mechanism to terminate pregnancy until birth, then rape victims and all "unwanted pregnancies" will have to kill the 'unwanted child' after birth. Is there really a difference before/after birth? This is another question.

      I wouldn’t call myself religious by any standard. I think religion is an unfortunate distraction in this debate - advocated sometimes mix-up abortion and gay right as one whole moral debate which to me is a huge disservice to this commonsense issue.
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        Feb 25 2012: You're right Ehis...you are trying to address a totally different question.

        You ask..."What if there was no mechanism to terminate pregnancy until birth..."'
        There ARE mechanisms to terminate pregnancy, which have been in use since the beginning of time for humans, so that question does not seem relevant.

        Also, I do not see any connection between abortion and gay rights, so that also seems like a totally different question.
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          Feb 25 2012: No Collen, there is a long history of Infanticide / Neonaticide, (killing within 24 hours of a baby's birth) that abortion replaced. In many past societies, certain forms of infanticide were considered permissible. In some countries, female infanticide is more common than the killing of male offspring.

          I do not doubt that abortion has been around for a long time. In fact there is a long history of abortion that has no starting point . . the knowledge was esoteric hence there was this other practice of Infanticide which disappeared after abortion revolution.

          You are correct that i tried to address a different question, that is because i think the debate is not conducted in the proper manner. If you agree on my definition of abortion then the question of 'unintended pregnancies' will appear more like a fancy term for Unwanted Child. Then we can have a proper debate . . .
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        Feb 25 2012: Ehis,
        I am aware of infanticide. If you do not think the debate is "conducted in the proper manner", I suggest you start your own debate.

        The question, as presented, is simple and uncomplicated.....
        "Is Abortion good or bad???Plase share your views on this Topic of Abortion.What do you think,are you against it or with it..pls share".
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        Feb 27 2012: Ehis,
        I was trying to keep us on topic with the question as presented in our previous exchange. The author/facilitator of this discussion (Hitesh Paarth) has brought your concern into the conversation, and states:
        "The Reason i put this question in light because i want to present the condition of small towns in india...... here people think that a girl child is a big burden for the family because of some marriage customs here in india.. So...,they go through the test "Pre birth sex Determination" and if they figure out that the child is female, they go for abortion".

        I wanted to let you know in case you did not notice that your issue was brought into the conversation by the facilitator, so in my perception, that offers an opportunity to address the issue.
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          Feb 28 2012: YES Colleen and it helps validate MY point. My diversion was to get to the principle involved . . The truth is that there is no simple answer to the question especially without a given context.
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        Feb 29 2012: Good point Ehis.
        We seem to be in agreement with the fact that there is no simple answer to the question, especially without a given context. Those who would like to answer yes/no/good/bad/right/wrong simply do not have all appropriate information, and may be so "stuck" in their own preference that they do not want to have all information.

        While I am aware of infanticide, I was not aware of the use of abortion to terminate a pregnancy when it was determined that it was a female, until Hitesh explained this practice in this thread. Every day....every moment is an education. Thanks for your patience with me Ehis:>)

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