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Communication between Car's On Road

I have a concept to share:
1. Now a days cars are ruling the roads and the drivers are getting disturbed by the lights.
2. Many brainless drivers do not dim their lights.
3. For overtaking the dip and dim the lights which will reflect in mirrors and will disturb the drivers.
4. These problems will lead to retina damage, power in eyes and even accidents.

To avoid this, I have an idea or a technology to be developed. Kindly share your ideas or thoughts with me. The concept is:

1. All the cars should carry a bluetooth transreceiver or as Harald Haas's wireless data from light bulb with which all the cars in the road can communicate.
2. The connectivity between cars are automatic, when you get near the cars it automatically connects each other.
3. Our Car should have manual and automatic drive, when we select automatic, this bluetooth technology should get enabled.
4. When this bluetooth is enabled, this will control the lightings(for now lightings alone).
5. When the driver wants to over take the vehicle, he can use the dim dip in his car, which will inturn sends signal to the car which he wants to overtake, instead of throwing light at his face.
6. The driver will receive a signal through LCD display or any sound signal that will make him to understand.
7. This technology can help us to avoid horn sounds in road and lighting problems.

Hope if this is implemented, no need of NO HORN sign board's near Schools.

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    Mar 3 2012: currently a lot of time and money is being invested towards autonomous vehicles, and with them being only a few years away from existing, we are close to not needing headlights, with the exception of for pedestrians or people without the new systems being able to locate autonomous vehicles at night or in heavy fogs. GPS could solve the problem of locating other cars though, and transparent displays are also a near reality. with a transparent display on windows in an autonomous vehicle, cameras on the outside like infrared could create visual representations on the window to locate and identify nearby pedestrians or other vehicles, or create patterns or text on the windows that other drivers can read or easily interpret.

    i was going to argue on behalf of people with poor vision, but realized that i covered that with autonomous vehicles, which also would remove the need for horns, because a message on a transparent LED display would be much more easily understood than a honk, as well as the fact that the vehicles being tested now by google (if i'm not mistaken) respond faster to sudden needs to stop than human beings can and can work regardless of whether the operator is under the influence of something. i've forgotten my point, but i think it was something close to "it will happen eventually"