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Can Waste Management become a profession...??

I was wondering about the garbage which a house produces in a day & trying to find the best possible way to manage the same.As India is a county,which really needs this.So my question is, What about taking it as a profession..??Is it or not ??
Please help by sharing your views

  • Mar 1 2012: Autumn Frisco, thanks for showing your interest....i would love to tell you the insights behind my question....

    Actually here in India, people(middle class n lower middle class) don't have time to manage their waste....as they have other more important work to do or you can say that they are happy with things....because of the fact, they have never experienced "managing their waste...."...They throw the waste outside or near-by there place's....

    Moreover, i am interested in exploring this kinda society, by providing free services to manage there waste for starting few months...and when they get habitual, will also make money.....This is just a thought....I am working on it....Lets see...what good is waiting for me....!!!
  • Feb 26 2012: Anshul Metha, what is it like for a family managing the waste where you live today?

    Are there some people who have an easier time managing their waste and what is different for them in India? [money, location]

    I would be interested to know the story behind this question. . .
  • Feb 24 2012: Thanks alot Roy for your support.....I v'l definitely look after it... !!!
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    Feb 23 2012: Waste management is a profession in the US.