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How can social media networks be used for forming communities of ORGAN DONATION for transplantation?

Health conditions requiring replacement of a damaged organ is something that is increasingly being known in the public domain. This condition is a difficult situation for the patient and the family. Because it is very difficult to find persons who are ready to donate organ and also their blood type matches with the patient. How can social media/networks form organ donation chains connected to relatives of patients so that multiple patients find mutually consenting relatives with matching blood types who would donate their organs, e.g. kidney, liver.

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    Mar 18 2012: Socia lmedia such as face book are probally the wrong target population for such a serious committment. I would think that drivers licences are a much better bet to track this data. I am not aware of any site that is specificall set up for donors but I would think that organs must be prepared very soon after death and that lends itself to drivers licences that are pulled by responders. On the card it states organ doner: YES. Best. Bob
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    Mar 11 2012: that was really a good question!
    If social networking sites like Facebook and twitter can take up the job to make people aware of this serious situation it would be a quite good solution. But everyone should work hard to make people aware because in the family itself people are not ready to donate their organs to their relatives.
  • Feb 27 2012: It's a good idea for everyone to consider about the issue. Organ donation may protect from a crime that some people use to deal with it to earn money. more and more people take a practice of it if they are interested in the chains.
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    Feb 27 2012: wow, great question!
    If facebook can use the information i put into it to create a profile that matches me to my lost friends and colleauges how powerful would it be if i consented to let it store my willingness to donate my organs, my blood type etc and allowed a searchable function. Very powerful but does it leave you exposed to feel cornered into donating to a 'relative' stranger.
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      Mar 11 2012: Also creates all kinds of security issues and possibilities for rather science-fictiony types of abuse. I do think, though, that for the many many people out there who genuinely don't seem to care about protecting this information, this use of facebook might be quite useful. (Not trying to rain on your parade, so to speak, just raising concerns.)