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If we're connected by the particles within particles in "Everything" How would this knowledge affect us. It would change mankind.

String Theory, the theory of Everything. I think in proving there are other dimensions, it answers so many questions of our existence here and the universe around us. What if...what we've interpreted religion and ancient documents all wrong, only by what we understand in a 2 dimensional world. If we explore the theory (string) I believe we'll see more in depth and with new eyes ourselves, the world and our universe around us. The unexplainable or dead ends would open up and present new meaning. My idea is....we've come so far in our human existence, our thoughts, our religions, our politics, our governments, our ideas, our technologies, etc. We've chased Caesars gold , now its time to chase knowledge and I think in that the true riches will be discovered, the strings within us, our planet and our universe. We will be illuminated.

  • Feb 25 2012: For atheists the most significant change is that "supernatural" no longer can be discredited on the notion that it is supernatural. For example, we have to conclude that the body heals it self, so the word "placebo" is just a notion that we're not getting it.

    Science is slowly starting to have a love affair with spiritualism, and the faster we get used to it the better. I feel privileged to live in this period in time to witness this happening unfold. We're waking up and it's not something to be afraid of.
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      Mar 10 2012: Hi Daniel,
      I also like being here on the earth school at this time:>) I think/feel a significant change is happening in our world, and I agree that it is not something to be afraid is so attached to old dogma and beliefs that s/he cannot let go of...those are the people who are sticking their heels in the ground and insisting that THEY have the RIGHT answers:>) I believe that new "right" answers are evolving, and they will provide a more peaceful, harmonious way for us to live together in our world:>)
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    Mar 10 2012: Hi Antoinette,

    Are you advocating religious reform or just eliminating it altogether. You are right that religious writings have been misinterpreted. Your thoughts are more in tune with Eastern philosophy in the spiritual ascension that leads us to knowledge of the absolute.

    Eastern philosophy is all through the Christian bible, but it is not explained and few Christians understand it. If your views and others like it could be used to reform or replace some of the current dogmas, it could lead to undermining the herd mentality of many religious groups. Only then would they stop fighting one another and reach out a helping hand.
    • Mar 11 2012: Hi Roy,
      I say "Who am I to advocate religious reform?" I am who I am. I see through mine own eyes and the world through the eyes of my children and am enlightened by people such as yourself. Herd mentality of many religious groups is human nature. An abused 2 yr child will follow his abuser because thats all he knows. It's scary to venture out of ones beliefs and culture. You feel abandoned and alone. If one knows that they are connected to everything through this theory (string) and this new Reality. We'll live to our upmost potential and evolve. It's a fine line, particles within particles that exist within everything. I do believe in God and one thing I remember the most is in the bible "Seek truth and knowledge"
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        Mar 11 2012: Antoinette,

        Your words are encouraging, It appears we are both on the same page. The book of Revelation says that Satan would be cast down. And I see misconceptions all being challenged and cast down. If Satan is the master of deception, then we see these very words coming to light. Thank God for the truth.

        Edgar Cayce was a clairvoyant of the last century. His works are all being analyzed and integrated by the Association of Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, VA. There is a book "REVELATION A Commentary Based on a Study of Twenty-Four Psychic Discourses by Edgar Cayce" in which Edgar Cayce regards Revelation as a battle within the mind between the dark forces of the carnal mind (the beast within stemming from the animal from which we evolved) and the spiritual forces of light and truth (what you are now coming to see).

        I saw what you are coming to see fifty years ago in a vision while meditating on God. I wanted God to reveal "himself" to me. I was looking for God apart from reality because that's what I was taught. The vision took me back into reality and showed me a cosmic singularity that underlies all that exists. I was only nine years old at the time.

        Eleven years later, in studying the unified field theory of physics, I found myself looking at the same thing. It is everywhere, it is invisible, it is what is doing the creating. The vision has guided me in everything I do and still affects me even to this day. We are all connected. We share in the evolution of this planet. We can foul it up or turn it into a paradise. The power is within us if we choose to seek it out.
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    Mar 10 2012: Very interesting topic Antoinette:>)

    In my perception, you are spot on!!! I believe we are evolving to the point where we recognize our connectedness, and much of the recognition is provided with scientific exploration. As part of our evolution, and with the constant expansion of our brains, we are realizing that we are not willing to be easily led by others any more.

    Just as the internet expands into all parts of our world with ever increasing connections, so do our beliefs, ideas, opinions, feelings and thoughts expand as our brains evolve....I LOVE IT...which, of course, is my own personal perception:>)
  • Mar 10 2012: Please do tell....What is religion about?
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    E G

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    Mar 10 2012: It's obvious you don't knnow what religion is about , it is not supposed to give you a kind of scientific understanding of he world .
  • Feb 24 2012: Hi Adriaan, you said "The end is determined by what we love, not what we know" What does that mean? That phrase really struck me. I'd like to better understand its meaning. The string theory seems so complex, particles that exist within particles that exist in everything. A theory that was discovered in 1919 by an unknown Scientist. You may be wondering why I am so interested in such a theory, the concept alone may be way over my head. There is an motive behind it and also just plain curiosity. Have you viewed Brian Greenes explanation on the string theory?

    When I viewed Brian Greenes talk on the miniscule strands of energy and other presentations reguarding The string theory, there were so many questions in my mind. Scientific and spritual. I began connecting some dots from my own life experiences and beliefs.

    By saying "knowledge" My meaning of that was also "Knowing"-knowing who we are and how we connect to each other and the world around us. Knowing how to survive and treat one another as well as the world around us. If we see each other in a loving way, it may affect the decisions we make toward each other. If these strings of light exist, when the body is gone-the strings still exists. If there are more dimensions , what we read in ancient texts and are often redefined or misunderstood, will be presented with meanings that perhaps we know already. My hope is that it confirms what people often say as "We are all connected to each other and the world/universe around us. I am hesitant to say this but the knowledge of this, I hope is not a means to an end but a means to end the years of mankinds destruction of themselves that only perpetrates itself over and over again thru-out time. We only know Governments and Wars. Smart people aren't always good people, yes I agree. On misdeeds of others, I always ask myself "Where does that come from?" or like what a child would say "Why did they do that" "Why did that happen?"
    I'm a seemstress too
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      • Feb 25 2012: Hi Adriaan, First let me say sorry for my previous reply may seem a bit out of focus and doesn't seem to flow. I was interrupted 4 times by my 5 yr old. Once for a game of checkers, second to read him a book, third to play superhero wrestling (that was fun) and fourth he wanted to have a conversation on why his bedtime should be later. This is the child that Drs said would would not survive gestation, this is the child that did survive and Drs said would be slow to learn, He's a year ahead of his classmates, so says his teacher at last conference, this is the child that My heart stopped beating while in labor with him. When I asked for an explanation from Drs. their reply was "It was meant to be" I received all this scientific replies on why he shouldn't be here. He's here, no abnormalities whatsoever and not only that exceeds in math etc. His teacher calls him the mad scientist. IN which he replies, "I'm not mad" and smiles. She doesn't know his history and until now hardly any knows. Getting off track, sorry. Typical mother huh. I am a spiritual person and my husband a mindful intellectual type, network architect on ISS space station. Funny thing, I asked him
        what that meant when you said "the end is determined by what you love" his reply was the somewhat the same, motioning his hand in a circle he said "Its this right here. our family and all those around us whom we love and love us"

        I have alot of reading to do On Swedenborg and research. Thank you for enlightening me. The search continues but I feel I already know the anwers in my soul and I am at peace with that.