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How do you ignite a passion for education in young people?

Is it through cutting edge, new technology? or perhaps challenging students to a higher level of thinking? I believe we need to ignite curiosity in young people not only to gain knowledge but to be accountable for their own growth.


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    Feb 29 2012: The way of dragging a students attention to a subject is by interactive way of teaching which said in other words means to make them to want to learn the material by maybe making a quiz game or something that the children would want. When i was in primary school my teacher made us want to play "who wants to be a millionaire" with questions only from the information learned in class, he divided us in several and the team with the highest score wins. Children love to compete with each other and to do physical activity if one wants to take drag their attention he/she should do something that includes one of these options. If you want to make older student pay attention in class one should show them for what will they need their knowledge in real life. As an example if it's physics you can show them how to make a flashlight or an improvised compass using Earth magnetic field or with chemistry you can show them some stuff that explode or burn or making lots of bubbles or something. As an overall there are lots of ways of making a kid listen to the teacher in class the question is the teacher willing to do something out of the ordinary.

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