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Would you rather be an information producer, propagator, or consumer?

In my Bioelectricity class this week, we talked about the propagation of electrical signals in the body. We learned that sensory cells and neurons act like information "producers." As sensory cells in the eye, ear, nose, tongue and body generate the electric signals that stimulate neurons, "information" is produced by the body! This information is then transmitted in the form of action potentials (or "spikes") along myelinated axons which act as "information propagators" as they efficiently and rapidly distribute these signals. These signals may be received by the dendrites of other neurons which act as receivers, or "consumers" of the action potentials.

Learning this material has inspired me to ask: how can biology inspire us as we disseminate "ideas worth spreading?” or as we consider our roles as information producers, information propagators, or an information consumers? How can we best help propagate worthy and novel ideas?


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  • Feb 22 2012: I have come to similar conclusions while fighting the inspiring phase vs the creation phase of any creative process.

    I find that if I am flooded with inspiration the effects are negative to the creation process. Moderation once again proves the key to a healthy relationship between consumption and production.

    The difference between electricity and this is that electricity accurately adjusts in reel time what it needs to stay current without ever taking too much or too little. We on the other hand have the option of controlling that floodgate. Adding a wild factor to an already fragile process makes for a definite art status result *when successful.

    Thank you for the inspiring comparison.
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      Feb 24 2012: Thanks for the comment!!!!

      I agree that moderation and balance is the key. I am curious as to how inspiration negatively affects your creativity. Is it because you are so caught up in admiration that you cannot produce or that you don't think you can compare?

      And I think your analogies are great, that we have the ability to override moderation which can be disadvantageous.

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