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Would you rather be an information producer, propagator, or consumer?

In my Bioelectricity class this week, we talked about the propagation of electrical signals in the body. We learned that sensory cells and neurons act like information "producers." As sensory cells in the eye, ear, nose, tongue and body generate the electric signals that stimulate neurons, "information" is produced by the body! This information is then transmitted in the form of action potentials (or "spikes") along myelinated axons which act as "information propagators" as they efficiently and rapidly distribute these signals. These signals may be received by the dendrites of other neurons which act as receivers, or "consumers" of the action potentials.

Learning this material has inspired me to ask: how can biology inspire us as we disseminate "ideas worth spreading?” or as we consider our roles as information producers, information propagators, or an information consumers? How can we best help propagate worthy and novel ideas?


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    Feb 22 2012: Maybe biology is giving us the clue that information is holographic in nature. It is flowing in and out all the time, continually recreating complex systems like the physical body, social order, cyberspace. We are always both absorbing information and transmitting information without being aware of it. As we become more conscious or mindful of the true nature of information and ourselves, we hopefully will realise that every bit of information matters, even the bits we aren't consciously disseminating. For example, I am being happy and feeling connected to humanity as a whole right now, and so perhaps I am changing the hologram of human consciousness indirectly by adding some joy and unity to it....this makes every thought and feeling significant, whether or not it is written and sent over any material media like the internet.
    • Feb 23 2012: I like hearing the positive side of your example, that feeling happy and connected to society somehow 'betters' society, as a whole, somehow,,,
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        Feb 24 2012: vince... see? It works! (grin)
        • Feb 24 2012: I think of the sum of all the information we are exposed to as being more 'quantum', rather than holographic. I realise that word is more apt to describe computers and particle theory these days, but to me, this word seems more appropriate. The separate roles of producer, propagator and consumer somehow don't do justice to the whole experience of living within our consciousness, ecpecially since we interract with the world on so many levels that we are unaware of.

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