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similarities between intelligence and creativity

what are the similarities between intelligence and creativity? None?


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    Feb 25 2012: Hi Jessica - good to see you again!

    We seem to measure intelligence in terms of a capacity to gather information. Being well read and knowing lots of facts is seen as intelligence. The methods we use to measure it is with IQ tests and exams. IQ tests measure little more than an ability to do IQ tests. Exams measure mostly memory.

    Without creativity, memorized facts are static. Memorized facts in isolation use the past only to inform us as far as the present - no further. Creativity is what mobilizes those facts into the future, and takes us into pioneering territory.

    Creativity takes us to where we are capable of going, not just where we have already been.
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      Feb 25 2012: You just answered another question i had in mind about the IQ tests haha thank you!
      Good to see you too. How are you Allan?

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