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Is it humanitarian to not respond soundly to the growing Mafia, Sex Trafficking in south eastern Asia as well with increase in drug trade

Throughout India and the Myanmar border, through the well known Golden triangle Drugs and illicit functions have been induced into poorer countries and the developing ones. being enslaved in the dark hands have been a discomfort. we expect some efforts which lead to decrease in drug usage and marketing with strict emigration rules, monitoring people who posses fake id's and passports.

The best example being the May 2003 worldwide drug bust that pinned down the Ah hua cartel/ (125). we need more of those.


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    Feb 22 2012: I think that the general public (at least in America) is blind to any news that takes place outside of the Africa, Middle East, no matter how dire the situation. I wish I could somehow spread the word about this humanitarian situation in eastern Asia and others like it..
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      Feb 23 2012: somehow its just not America my dear friend. It is really sad that even the bureaucrats we rely on are unaware of the facts. TED had been a beautiful stage to foster the Idea into betterment. being with that I think we need the society to make a move eliminating the weirdness from within, identifying those who do it.

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