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Is it humanitarian to not respond soundly to the growing Mafia, Sex Trafficking in south eastern Asia as well with increase in drug trade

Throughout India and the Myanmar border, through the well known Golden triangle Drugs and illicit functions have been induced into poorer countries and the developing ones. being enslaved in the dark hands have been a discomfort. we expect some efforts which lead to decrease in drug usage and marketing with strict emigration rules, monitoring people who posses fake id's and passports.

The best example being the May 2003 worldwide drug bust that pinned down the Ah hua cartel/ (125). we need more of those.

  • Mar 3 2012: Jackson, no it is not humanitarian.

    Look also at the example of children fleeing the countryside and going into the cities every night in an African country to avoid being taken by guerilla groups.

    How sad that women and children are abused in this fashion.

    Education of the people appears to by one key to, as random chance mentioned, "empower humans".

    This is a big problem....humans are very weak at ridding themselves of these kinds of problems because as you mentioned, nobody hears the small voice of the people.

    Human governments are corrupt Jackson, and even a well meaning individual can be corrupted by money and power, so I do not see the problems being eliminated at the hands of humans.

    I will share something my mother often shares with me.

    When my mother was young, she witnessed the fall of a government in her country, and the rise of a dictator. Then, the very same people who had supported his revolution, couldn't wait to get rid of him. By the way, he is still there.

    So, she tells me of an elderly couple who use to stand in the doorway of their home.

    The wife would say, lamenting the situation...."oh God, if you could please "illuminate" this dictator to see the errors of his way......"

    the husband would reply and say, "no my dear, he does not need "illumination", he needs "elimination".

    And this, Jackson, is what sadly needs to take place......elimination of the individuals who are responsible for these crimes.

    The question is, WHO has the absolute authority and power to do this kind of elimation on a worldwide scale?

    Good question......the solution to the problem is close at hand, IMHO
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      Mar 3 2012: Well put, nice to feel this and to know some one does back the need of it. Sure Mary elimination will do, but still what good is it when you level a life with another. Still we will miss the humanity it needs the nurture it should get. We need to reach the root of it, the weakness that leads, and yes the one who creeps in with the second opinion of their own favour with these crimes, they are animals and should be dealt like that.
      • Mar 3 2012: Thank you for your reply.

        What do you think in at the root of these ills in society?

        Why can't governments rid themselves of these individuals?
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          Mar 3 2012: the root to this is exploit of immature thought. while you gave me an example i'll like to give you one from Taliban. they recruit youngsters aged 13-14 from an averagely populated village and provide as the mock source of religion and knowledge in the name of god, deriving their human needs such as food shelter and education. and then derive the education which stands apart from the whole world. Scripted to their needs developing a human bomb in this case.

          why cant governments rid themselves of these individuals, its because they find it easier to react to the happenings than to act to them. Stability of their hold over a nation. and most importantly establishing themselves a stronger state. Bin laden is an example for US.

          the society has to come forward and say no more. we have to find the weak link where we give it up. Governmental policies are bound with economics and the facets related. somehow they just end on a piece of paper.

          its a business run with least professionalism still the most effective because deception is the main factor. poverty or lack of education isn't
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    Feb 23 2012: Exploitation of people always is the symptom of an unhealthy society that can't make a life of their own. The cause of course is a bad functioning government. Better to fight the cause than the symptoms.
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      Feb 23 2012: true Frans, but are we united just not as nations under the political lens. Its a worldwide issue, southeastern Asia happens to be a mass market of which many are lead from the west and the east equally. I'll quote it rather as bad functioning governments than focusing on one within many
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        Feb 24 2012: It is true, it is from all times and places. We call this civilization. Only a good functioning system of justice can make some difference. Yesterday I saw how a large piece of Ethiopia was bought and cultivated by a company while those people that lived from that land for centuries were chased off their lands. This also happened in the Philippines on a large scale. Money counts, people don't.
        Without justice the power of the strongest rules. Even among the poor the strong starts to exploit the weak to survive. The real mafia you find mostly among the leading class and within government.
        Only justice and education can turn things for the better.
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          Feb 25 2012: Thank you for that insight, very true, well every part of this civilization somehow buries the facts from getting justice or even becoming a part of education. Do you suggest something that may bring things just into the light where everyone see's it, and not just only see it but express what they feel to with true and marked efforts. you see its fashionable to speak this here but every passing second we lose a youth and nearly 3 young and even old women to the dark side of the civilization.

          It somehow makes me feel that Humanity as a whole see's the face of extinction between materialism and corruption.
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    Feb 22 2012: I think that the general public (at least in America) is blind to any news that takes place outside of the Africa, Middle East, no matter how dire the situation. I wish I could somehow spread the word about this humanitarian situation in eastern Asia and others like it..
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      Feb 23 2012: somehow its just not America my dear friend. It is really sad that even the bureaucrats we rely on are unaware of the facts. TED had been a beautiful stage to foster the Idea into betterment. being with that I think we need the society to make a move eliminating the weirdness from within, identifying those who do it.
  • Mar 1 2012: The bureaucrats are not unaware of the facts. They are behind the illegal activity. There is too much profit involved for them not to be. They are the only ones who have access to the means and methods of transport, production, packaging, people, protection and the money to make it all happen.

    The Taliban got rid of the poppy fields in Afghanistan in 2000. America invaded and now with the CIA in control, poppy and heroin production are at record levels once again.

    Once again, the focus falls on those who are really nothing, with no real power, instead of those who are in power for they are the only ones who can get these kinds of crimes and evil deeds done. Let's not ever forget that, and let's look in the right direction at those who are really responsible.

    Our systems are unjust and cannot be made just. We need completely new systems. Systems that are for people, not for gaining power or money. They need to be for empowering humans everywhere with more equality and less slavery and reasons for it as well as no reasons, ways and means to create poverty, greed, crime, warfare and death as money making enterprises.
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      Mar 3 2012: since its so and it will be... for the fact that even when we know and see the wrong happen, this community sees the power and exploitation it can bring with itself. and we befriend them with a blind on our soul. its heartily sorry feeling that the mass neither cares or will....

      we here in India have seen it far too often, and we ensure we act because its our mother's sister's brother's and friends who are taken away just not for the trade of drugs but as slaves and exploited through physical and psychological ways rendering deeper and gruelling pasts which can never be erased.

      I hoped that ted would have brought some relief to know that we are there... but it seems smaller names, nothings in the society have no ways to enter amongst the glorious technology, design and the world of entertainment where all this has been made so graphic that people have left it for the exploiters have to make use of.

      governments will rule, systems will enslave and produce more to keep them going, its the divide we need to erase from the whole, and we are stepping out what come may.... and what it will be. Change comes from within. not by pushing. neither will it come through the thought put here, it can only be achieved with actions.