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which is the most rational explanation for Déjà vu?

in your perspective what theory is the best that can explain why and how Déjà vu happens ?

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    Feb 27 2012: The explanation that it is similar to a previous experience or due to some sort of hardware software brain function doesn't wash for me. I sometimes know exactly what will happen next even to the point of what someone will say. not commonplace things either. SO my spiritual explanation is that before we were born we saw a preview of those things that were foreordained in our life plan ( I don't believe in predestination because of free will). When we are following our plan precisely and especially at important junctures then we will be more likely to have a "deja vu" . Of course perhaps other people have different experiences that are negative mine are always positive. I am sure that many will say this is not rational since it is subjective. However since Deja vu is an unprovable subjective phenom then I think my explanation is as good as any other and I have plenty of reasons for thinking so that are grounded in my own experience of consciousness.
  • Mar 1 2012: Why does there have to be one?
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    Feb 22 2012: A glitch in the matrix

    i once heard a few years ago that it could be down to action potentials in neuronal circuits firing off again during the refractory period. so we see something, and we believe weve seen it before, but actually we havent and its just the network misfiring. ill wait for the expert opinion.
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    Feb 22 2012: Most people use the expression deja vu when they recognize the similarity of an experience they are having to one they remember having before.
    A rational explanation is that there are aspects in common among life's experiences. In a way it would be more remarkable if each event we experience seemed entirely unique than that such strong similarities would arise.