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Communal effort to design flood alleviation system

I would like a group of people with the skills applicable to begin to design a national system of flood control. The labor needed to create such an infer structure could be drawn in large part from our unemployed , construction and those age 30 and under being the largest groups in the unemployed and the largest potential to be recruited. The federal government in partnership with insurance companies could capitalize the effort. Flood mitigation being automatically good for insurance companies. Rivers and estuaries could have systems to prevent the damage that storm surge and tidal bore might do to the environment.Power generation and water management by establishing reservoirs and hydro power plants. Today it seems the mid west is either in the grip of drought or underwater, this plan could include methods to channel the flood waters to replenish aquifers or stock reservoirs. Regardless of the practical good that this project might do the simple involvement of so many people on a daily basis with the reality of climate change and its consequences could have wide spread and positive impact on the public's willingness to take action to stop and or reverse the current environmental trend.

There was once a huge national effort to pull the nation out of a depression ,and to bring power and technology to all of America. It is time for a similar effort. Will you help me?