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How do you overcome fear?

What are some tips, tricks, processes that you employ to help you overcome fears?

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    Feb 24 2012: Hi Shannon, thank you for this great question.

    I grew up with many fears and those fears were fostered by the people around me...but what I'm understanding on a deeper level is that fear is learned and instinct is what you are born with.

    I will give you an example....I am terrified of heights...and yet I managed to bungee jump twice! I went through that terrifying process to manage my anxiety and because the little quiet voice inside me said, "It's ok...you'll be fine...you may even like it!" Now, the fear...it raged...it screamed and yelled and raised my anxiety to an almost 10/10...but I'd remind myself that I made the decision when I could hear my INSTINCT....and I TRUST MY INSTINCT....so that is why I was able to jump...

    If you are fearful of starting a business...that is completely understandable...but find your instinct (I hear it best when I jog) and really listen to what it says....it will be quiet, calm and peaceful...it won't be loud, screaming, anxious and chaotic...it won't think of every possible negative scenario that 'could' go wrong....it will simply give you the TRUTH.

    It's main purpose is to protect you...I firmly believe this.

    Fear has govenerned most of my life...but when I finally found the connection to SELF...INSTINCT... I can now recognize it for what it is, acknowledge it, understand it, process it and then let it go.

    It's not easy...but it is possible...

    Hope that is helpful!
    With a smile,
    PS. If you are interested ,I talk a lot about fear on my blog. www.the40by40.com Just search 'fear' or 'overcoming fear' or 'trusting my instinct' (I also have photos of both bungee jumping experiences)

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