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The use of male hormones to treat Alzheimer's Disease

If oestrogen destroyed Alan Turing's brain, could it be reverse engineered to treat dementia patients, through testosterone injections?  In this way his death as well as his life, could count for something as he said he hoped his work would, with regards to the death of his school friend, who died of TB.  Looking at the documentary on Channel Four in The UK, it seemed this hormone was linked to his creative genius and the chemical castration removed not only his sexual desire but his ability to see and create connections - jumps in our understanding of the mind as a computer (CS Forester 'Only connect...').  If he became muddle headed and his mathematical genius subsided, perhaps this explains why women are more likely to be depressives than men and ultimately why he killed himself.  Memory and connection go together as does a love of life and innocence because it leads us to explore the world, rather than retreat from it.  Guilt hides things (persecutes), whereas innocence has the courage to openly display the truth as it sees it.  Ironically he helped save the world from Nazi Germany, which persecuted homosexuals, only to fall foul of it in his own country.  Imagine what else he would have discovered, had he lived to twice the age he died at?

'I don't see things others don't.  I just recognise as much as you do, how much is unseen' says the character of his psychiatrist, Franz Greenbaum.  Isn't that what all genius does?

  • Feb 27 2012: Possibly - has this been tried and how effective is it? My attitude is if it has been tried but the response wasn't strong, try something else and see how the patient responds to that. Yes I believe melatonin would be very helpful as Alzheimer's patients are like hyper active kids at Christmas, not sleeping much but I was wondering if my suggestion had been tried by anyone as a possibility and if it had had any results?
  • Feb 25 2012: Wouldn't melatonin be more plausible when talking about age related diseases?