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Corruption keeps society in the dark

A corrupt society doesn’t want the best people employed by it. This is because thorough people will solve problems and that means digging deep in the dirt, to get to the root of why something isn’t working, hence the hatred of whistle-blowers and protesters. Lazy and cowardly employees (the ignorant) are already corrupt and therefore will only touch the surface of difficulties i.e. treat them cosmetically.

Force is trying to take a short cut, passed the route of understanding. It is kicking open a door, rather than than trying the handle because you don’t think you’ve got the time to figure things out. Criminals use force – the law abiding use patience. Speed is therefore an addiction and tolerance cold turkey.


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  • Feb 29 2012: Another sign of this cowardice in society is loads of paperwork and not enough actual service. By this I mean in the UK at least, people cover their backs because of fear of litigation. The situation has become like a legal minefield, feeding lawyers, rather than helping others in society, less well off than the rescuers are. The police, fire service, ambulance service and health service, were set up to protect the innocent, heal the sick, stop homes burning down, so that society could get on with its life in peace and as efficiently as possible. Nowadays all these practitioners are weighed down with paperwork, rather than going out into the world and doing the practical work they were hired for. The innocent stand in front of the law, while the guilty hide behind it, lying in order to gain an advantage over others, to the detriment of society as a whole. By this I mean that they try to manipulate the facts as well as the minds of others, through twisting the truth, threats and actual violence. It's created a situation where the innocent, trying to protect themselves end up in prison for assault or are murdered and the guilty get light sentences, ending up in prison and being treated better than those who served the community well and are now retired.

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