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What is the value of consciousness?

Conscience is a survival mechanism - why have it if it is self-defeating? To be conscious, is to be aware and conscience is telling you what you're aware of plus how to deal with it. The less conscience you have, the less conscious you are and the more 'unknowingly' self-destructive your acts are within the bigger picture of existence. If we cannot understand the world, we cannot control it and if we cannot control it, we become a victim of our own failure to connect and work with it - dying as an individual and dying out as a civilization or race.


Closing Statement from Tony Sandy

Better to offend the guilty than let the innocent suffer through neglect.

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    Feb 21 2012: To be human, we do seem to need a conscience. I'd like to see it as our spiritual cruise control. Conscience is generally thought of as an inner voice which warns us when we are about to do wrong, or reproaches when we have already done so, and which is originally possessed by everyone - although it can be stifled.

    In Swedenborg's Writings this term means, in its highest sense, the new will received through the life-long process of spiritual rebirth. This is conscience in its essence, which is to do evil to none and good to all.

    So defined, conscience is possessed only by the good; the evil have lost theirs

    As a perception of what is and what is not to be done, because it is formed with an individual from their particular upbringing and religion, and only according to its internal reception, it is not uniform and is not necessarily true.
    'Honour' killing anyone??

    Thus there is a spurious conscience in those Gentiles who are in simple good, and what is called a false conscience with those in natural good (natural good is inwardly selfish, worldly and evil). It is this that has been often mistaken for conscience itself, which has led people to postulate a norm of conscience. But conscience is a relative thing, the bad conscience of a good person being the good conscience of a bad one; and the true idea of spiritual conscience is to be found in the teaching that one should act according to religion and faith.
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    Feb 21 2012: consciousness is being aware of your surroundings in a way of love and spirituality, and connecting to one another as one! and wanting something for all of us because we all are one consciousness, the difference is how we see it!
    the less consciousness we have the less power we have, there is billions of us and hundreds of them. (demons,corrupt industries.) WE can take this globe back it's NOT just America its all over the globe!! CORRUPTION. $$$$$$$$
    we have PRISONERS that have better healthcare then good hard working CANCER patients.
    they try to entertain our consciousness with tv,music,adsamusement and it WORKED for some americans ALOT OF AMERICANS!! they only tell us what they want us to hear not what what we need to hear. And it have corrupted people's minds into thinking that everything is going to be okay!! And it's not.. in the next 20 years i predict that social s, will vanish as will y2kplans, retirements will go over sea's like alot have already and freedoms will keep going slowly as people's consciousness will, IF THIS COUNTRY DOESN'T WAKE UP!!! i have affended my family and friends on this issue but don't care this is as important to being a witness in a murder trial if not more important because millions of people, military have died for this country, and we should let the corporate laugh at our lack of consciousness! And continue to send our children over sea's to die for these non spiritual non caring individuals, I DONT THINK SO...