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Rhymes to remember facts

Where possible facts could be taught as rhyming couplets to assist memory, in classroom situations. For instance The Battle of Hastings could be remembered as Ten Sixty Six -William one, Harold nix. I know other memory tricks exist, which coupled with constant repetition work and visual ones work too but I thought this might help add something to the mix (If it's already being done on a large scale please forgive my lack of classroom knowledge as I've been out of the school system for years - sixty and not a teacher).

  • Feb 22 2012: That's true. Such contrasts are more memorable than random words. Very god idea in fact. I remember Tony Buzan, a UK educator and writer, saying in one of his books that there were about a hundred words used regularly in every language.
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    Feb 21 2012: Sounds like that would be a great idea, especially when started in the younger grades. My children are 9 and 7 years old and neither of them have ever used this sort of memory technique in the classroom. A related learning trick that I use constantly myself in my never ending study of languages is opposite pairing. It's much easier to remember 2 opposing words than to just remember random translations.