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Helping connect people personally for their every need (or want) through the internet.

So before "my idea" was deleted because i didn't give some ted related talks or disclose enough information about what i am trying to do. will be a website that will try to connect people more personally from across the world so that they can help each other with their mutual interests. The internet can be used to create world change by connecting people locally all over the world. Distance doesn't matter in cyberspace :D

Now that i have adressed the issues of the last deletion i would expect to have this remain. Thank you.

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    Feb 21 2012: I checked out your profile and website. There's so little hard information given, only desires on direction. We can all work out different kinds of ideals, but until we build a physical framework which works, we've done nothing.

    Imagine if some decided to 'begin TED', but didn't actually build TED first. That's how I see your idea.

    But you have ideals! And that's a good thing. You have desires for direction. You've got to do more refined planning. Learn the things you have to learn, do the math and check your work. Challenge your preconceived notions (making the claim that you can create a civilization which works while assuming everyone will always do what they want, assumes you can make a civilization that can account for all the possible wants of all people!).

    We find that our current society doesn't work perfectly. It's become complicated, people are making bad choices in relationship to the structure as a whole. Assumptions about the common nature of man have largely failed our society. We need to be more creative in the way we see our relationship with people.

    There's also a matter of science... How are you going to build underwater cities? How are you going to convince immigrants from our society to accept a system which totally recycles personal waste? What if they don't want to? How can your society function with reliance on one system which is not wanted and still provide the wants to people? How will the recycling of waste help you get seeds for plantations? How will you manage under-water plantations? Distribution? Oxygen supply?

    Between your site and your ideas, you've got a lot of work. Don't let that deter you. But don't be afraid to change your ideas as you learn more about the man-to-economy and man-to-city relationship.
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    Feb 21 2012: Thanks for the comment!

    I feel that right now, we do have the frame work to move us forward. It's just going to take time to connect people more personally through the internet than what we have now.

    Thats why im trying to start local, I have already started contacting business who are interested and i will continue too.

    It was never about being perfect, but its about trying. I may not be able to account for all the wants of the people, but i can at least try to by listening to what they have to say.