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What do you think about the future of the sign language?

I miss on your talk the point, the sign languages.

I think, the sign language is a very important part of the languages.
For the deaf people, there isn't another choice to use the sign language.

Now I would be interest to know,
on the one hand, why we have so many difference sign languages worldwide.
(It happened the same way as with the spoken languages, or?)
On the other hand, the deaf people are able to use the international signs (this is not a really own language), so there are no barriers between them.

Why it is possible with the International Signs?
It seems there aren't so big difference on the signs and cultures but with the spoken languages we (wanted) have it.
I miss some logic here.

Is this possible for the "spoken" languages on the "same" way as with the International Signs?

How do you think about the future of the sign language for to get our worldwide cooperation? Could this a possible solution for all of us?


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    James A

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    Mar 6 2012: Im with Astra Singh, and Adrian Braam on this topic, i dont have the best of ears my self and I would personally feel much more comfortable from a sociological stand point if i ever completely went deaf to communicate via text, and art.
    Like Astra stated sometimes she can get all hands and feet body moving trying to convey a message. And theres nothing wrong with displaying such enthusiasm about something, at times but when its something simple im sure it can be very frustrating.
    So my thoughts are, with a smart pad, via texting , an art app for those pictures worth a thousand words, and a sophisticated real time translating teleprompter we could create something completely universal for the whole world to use.

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