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Do individuals have a social media strategy

Do you blog? do you tweet? do you tumblr? Why and why not . Do all these decisions form a persons' social media strategy? or that's a thing only for corporations?


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    Feb 21 2012: Hi Chris,
    My blog is actually a culmination of personal and professional thoughts---it's where I apply what I study and consider in my "academic life" and how that applies to my personal roles (as mother, wife, friend, concerned citizen)...it's a chance for me to sort through my thoughts and try to see how things connect...hopefully leading to a more productive application and connection between these two worlds that are often held up as disparate--public vs private selves...I guess you could say that my blog is a challenge to that separation.
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      Feb 21 2012: Thank you Kathy, I am in the process of re-evaluating the social platforms that I need, getting a 'social media strategy' would come in handy, I am jittery to share personal experience at the same time have lot's of professional info I can offer.

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