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Do individuals have a social media strategy

Do you blog? do you tweet? do you tumblr? Why and why not . Do all these decisions form a persons' social media strategy? or that's a thing only for corporations?


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    Feb 20 2012: I absolutely have a social media presence--whether it's a strategy or not, I'm not sure. I think it's vitally important to assert yourself in social media mainly because I wish to have a voice--and without a clear presence in social media, I am not able to contribute meaningfully to the global discussion. My social media presence is my way of countering the absence of power I have in traditional media--it's my way of pushing back a bit against the messages that are imposed on me to which I cannot respond in the formal media environment. So, yes, I do have a blog, and a website, and a profile on LinkedIn and an active Facebook page and I use Twitter to a certain degree. As an individual who hopes to make some kind of a difference in the world around me, I see this as one viable avenue through which my voice can have an impact. My blog: http://kathy-momphd.blogspot.com My website: www.kathycastle.com
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      Feb 21 2012: @Kathy Castle: From the conversations gathered above we can safely conclude that the collective set of your decisions constitute your social media strategy. The other aspect that I am interested in is Do you choose what goes to your blog (private/personal issues and professional life or both).

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