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Do individuals have a social media strategy

Do you blog? do you tweet? do you tumblr? Why and why not . Do all these decisions form a persons' social media strategy? or that's a thing only for corporations?


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    Feb 20 2012: I think "social media strategy" can be interpreted in several ways for an individual. People who seek to promote themselves as a brand or to promote an independent commercial venture will tend to think through the sort of social media presence they want. Others may want a platform or several to communicate ideas worth sharing. I do that in a blog, but my blog is actually anonymous. I am happy with disseminating the ideas without bringing attention to myself.A third dimension or type of social media strategy is a decision as how to integrate social media into a productive working life. In the same way that businesses may assess the cost and bemefits of marketing themselves through a myriad of channels, I know many individuals who are strategic in deciding how much social media they can afford to build into their lives while still remaining productive. For example, I know many creative professionals and hobbyists who worry that social media can become a time sink that distracts them and impairs their productivity in their creative work after a point. For these people, the social media strategy is about how to budget the time they spend engaging socially or even passively in social media so as to be as productive in their primary undertakings as they would like to be.
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      Feb 20 2012: Dodging the current social media juggernaut is in itself a strategy. Strange enough, the friends who I find most communicative and really supportive in real life maintain a surprisingly low profile online! It seems to me that very often social media is just a surrogate of human touch there where true and direct human touch is too problematic to get.
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      Feb 21 2012: Thank you Fritzie Reisner for your insights, what happens to the individual who doesn't wan't to promote a brand but just use social media e.g.

      Rule 1:
      Use Facebook only to connect to personal friends and share personal stuff.

      Rule 2:
      Have a LinkedIn account to look for new job opportunities.

      Rule 3:
      Twitter to be a middle ground between personal and professional life.

      Rule 4:
      Have a blog to disseminate random ideas

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