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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wealthy and Powerful Person, I really appreciate your efforts to creating jobs and education for people;

However, during the past 15 years my salary has increased by 1/3, and the costs of food, gasoline, oil for my house, and communication have tripled.

This same phenomenon has happened to many, many people, and I was wondering if there was anything we could do to help alleviate this tension?

Again, I appreciate my career, and my quality of life, and I will continue to work and help where I can.

Thank you for your consideration,


Closing Statement from Thomas Anderson

I think that the fact that there is only one response reveals that either/or/and:

I pointed out the elephant in the room
Wealthy and Powerful people don't have time for TED
The issue is too big
I have no blasted idea...I don't want class warfare, but the rich 'are' getting richer...

Thanks again!

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    Feb 26 2012: Thomas, I share you sentiments in general, although I've probably done better than most starting with little - but having the opportunity to get a great affordable education just before New Zealand started charging big time.

    By all reports things are worse in the US than Australia even though there is more wealth on average in the US.

    However, I suggest the balance is not right and income inequality seems to be increasing.
    Some income/tax fairness is due.
    I suggest high net wealth should have higher tax rates, not just high income. Perhaps death duties.
    Part of the issue is labour is completing with low income countries.
    Capital is going to do better and better with globalisation.
    Not sure how we correct this.

    Any ideas?????

    NB: Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies - might be of interest.

    Also if you want a non US view