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A "U.N." for Religions

I'm thinking of a way to bring the religious leaders of every religions, cults, sects or any other religious beliefs representatives together.

The goal behind this is to make them all agree on a term of mutual respect and to make them sign a contract saying that they agree to consider others beliefs in an equal way and not superior nor inferior to their own beliefs, to try and reach a true global religious brotherhood in order to bring a peaceful era, to end the religious wars and religious hatred and to end the possibility for political leaders to use religions as a tool to bring wars more acceptable.

Some of them might not agree to sign an agreement such as this, for fanatical reasons or any other reasons, but some would and that would make all the difference.

I wonder how many followers would still perceived themselves as being "higher" or "superior" from others by knowing that their own spiritual leader didn't agree to sign a "philosophical agreement" such as this, knowing that this agreement is meant to show the true Love and Compassion these spiritual leaders are teachings in their own way.

With such a philosophical agreement of fraternity, we could let go the differences, the first step toward a true global peace would be accomplished.

Religions are not suppose to be part in politics and many beliefs despite politics, but this "agreement" could signify the end of the fetal state of humanity.

An U.N. like Organization for Religions could mean a lot for our future. I consider this to be an essential asset in order to build a peaceful world.

Are you in favor of this ?
I would like to know.
Thank you.


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  • Feb 20 2012: No religion can keep you from dropping dead and almost every religion promisses eternal awakening in an altered realm many religions were establised to affect the purple and green shakra points of the human body religious leaders selling point is unity and respect but live off division amoung the human race that is fact we are capable of far to much animosoty cleverness and ignorance to truly abide by any thing whether treaty or unity forced to exsist by the law of birth and sold to the buisness of death Google Deadpoolmak90s
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      Feb 22 2012: "religious leaders selling point is unity and respect"

      this is what i'd like the world to see.

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