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A "U.N." for Religions

I'm thinking of a way to bring the religious leaders of every religions, cults, sects or any other religious beliefs representatives together.

The goal behind this is to make them all agree on a term of mutual respect and to make them sign a contract saying that they agree to consider others beliefs in an equal way and not superior nor inferior to their own beliefs, to try and reach a true global religious brotherhood in order to bring a peaceful era, to end the religious wars and religious hatred and to end the possibility for political leaders to use religions as a tool to bring wars more acceptable.

Some of them might not agree to sign an agreement such as this, for fanatical reasons or any other reasons, but some would and that would make all the difference.

I wonder how many followers would still perceived themselves as being "higher" or "superior" from others by knowing that their own spiritual leader didn't agree to sign a "philosophical agreement" such as this, knowing that this agreement is meant to show the true Love and Compassion these spiritual leaders are teachings in their own way.

With such a philosophical agreement of fraternity, we could let go the differences, the first step toward a true global peace would be accomplished.

Religions are not suppose to be part in politics and many beliefs despite politics, but this "agreement" could signify the end of the fetal state of humanity.

An U.N. like Organization for Religions could mean a lot for our future. I consider this to be an essential asset in order to build a peaceful world.

Are you in favor of this ?
I would like to know.
Thank you.


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  • Feb 19 2012: I in favor of a gathering with all religious leaders of religions, sects, cults... and whatever the name you might have for any belief (minority as well as majority), and ASK ALL OF THEM, TO SIGN A AGREEMENT OF VERIFYING THE CONFORMITY OF ALL THE HOLY BOOKS OF EACH RELIGION (BIBLE, KORAN...) TO THE HUMAN RIGHTS ! I´m in favor of that kind of gathering, so that then we can have a mutual respect of each other´s religion!
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      Feb 19 2012: This is a good point, however i feel like imposing rules right away is not best approach to take on this matter. This could be considered as a secondary objective.
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        Feb 23 2012: Here are some points to ponder, it is what the Bible teaches:

        “HE WHO does not love does not know God; for God is love,” states the Bible. (1 John 4:8, New Catholic Edition of the Holy Bible)

        Good religion, therefore, should promote brotherly love.

        Many religions do an admirable job of caring for the sick, the elderly, and the poor. They encourage their members to apply the counsel of the apostle John, who wrote: “Suppose someone has enough to live and sees a brother or sister in need, but does not help. Then God’s love is not living in that person. My children, we should love people not only with words and talk, but by our actions and true caring.”—1 John 3:17, 18, New Century Version.

        What happens, though, when nations go to war?

        Should God’s command to “love thy neighbour as thyself” be applied in times of peace but be suspended when a politician or a king chooses to fight a neighbor nation?—Matthew 22:39, King James Version.

        Jesus said: “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:35, New International Version)

        As you answer the following questions, ask yourself, ‘Do the members of any religion I know display love toward all men at all times not only with words but also with actions?’

        The Bible's teaching on WAR: Jesus commanded his disciples: “I say to you, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.”—Matthew 5:44, NCE.

        When soldiers came to arrest Jesus, the apostle Peter drew a weapon to defend him. However, Jesus said: “Put your sword back in its place. All who use swords will be killed with swords.”—Matthew 26:52, NCV.

        The apostle John wrote: “You can tell God’s children from the devil’s children, because those who belong to the devil refuse to do right or to love each other. From the beginning you were told that we must love each other. Don’t be like Cain, who belonged to the devil and murdered his own brother.”—1 John 3:10-12, Contemporary English Version.

        continued below.................
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        Feb 23 2012: Which religion teaches its members to overcome political, racial, and economic barriers that divide people?

        Jesus was a wonderful spiritual leader. What he did and what he taught was recorded in scripture.

        There are millions on earth today who make a concerted effort to live in harmony with his words.

        Not because they had to be part of some televised event with pomp and circumstance, but because someone lovingly taught them Biblical truths that moved their heart to change and dress with the new personality......the one that allows love to rule their life.....still imperfect, but not willing to do harm to others.

        And, they even make a concerted effort to teach others the way of love and peace.

        What you propose is already being done....You know Maxime, in many of the Bible's accounts of Jesus miracles he "ordered" those around him not to tell anyone what he had done. Jesus was not interested in promoting himself. He came to fulfill prophecy, he taught about the good news of God's kingdom, he showed that he had power from above by his miracles, and even though he caused no harm to anyone, and he preached love, he was put to death like a common criminal.

        Love is a message that incurs hate. Regardless of how much love you preach, there is this aura of hatred in the world....like a veil that covers everything. The scriptures explain what it is.

        Please know that I am so impressed with your idea. It shows the desire in you to see understanding and tolerance in the world.

        It is what I most like about the talks and conversations here on TED. Everyone gets to see other's point of view, and come to an understanding of it, even though they do not agree.

        I already have made a decision to have love for my fellow human. I think many feel the way you and I do.

        I hope I have shed light on what I was trying to tell you earlier. I cannot always get my point across in an effective manner. But I try.

        Peace and love to you. Be Well.
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          Feb 23 2012: Dear Mary,

          Nothing wrong with the teachings ascribed to a man called Jesus but Christianity as we know it is something different altogether. It serves many interests and they're not all divine, not now or in the past. About the same can be said about most other religions.

          Love is not to be preached but to be practiced. Lack of it is the core of all human difficulties whether religious or not.
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          Feb 23 2012: "Love is a message that incurs hate. Regardless of how much love you preach, there is this aura of hatred in the world....like a veil that covers everything."

          This is exactly what we have to remove, this veil of hatred, and that is what the religious leaders, spiritual leaders are here for.
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        Feb 23 2012: I like the idea in that if the religious leaders give the example it will be easy for the masses to follow.
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          Feb 23 2012: Dear Frans,

          Yes, you are correct. This is what I am trying to communicate. Religions follow men. Those of faith follow God....and they practice what they preach.

          I absolutely agree.....Love is to be practiced, not preached. It is no wonder that Jesus himself said at john 13:35...in this all will know you are my disciples, if you have love among yourselves.

          I guess what I am saying is that I follow Jesus' teachings, and not those of men.

          Even in his day Jesus said at Matthew 7 that religious leaders of that day had made the word of God obsolete because of the traditions of men.

          Over 20 years ago I walked out on the religion I was raised in because of the hypocrisy.

          Today I have faith, it is totally different. And again, I repeat what I have very often said on TED. There is a big big difference between credulity and faith.

          Most that profess a religion have credulity.....you can tell because their actions do not reflect scriptural principles. If they had faith, they would have compassion, and know that godly devotion is a way of life which allows you to put other's interests ahead of your own in many aspects of your life.

          When the religious leaders tell their perishioners that scriptures are man's word, not God's. How could the perishioners possibly reflect love in their life, since the teaching of love your enemies, and treat others as you would like others to treat you are scriptural principles??

          See the dilemna, and the vicious circle? This site is filled with excellent ideas coming from individuals that have not found satisfying answers to life's most complex questions. They see "religious people" being hypocrites, and scoff at religion. All the while, there are many of us people of faith who are attempting to educate those world wide who really want to learn how to put in practice godly principles spelled out in scripture.

          Frans, I admire very much the fact that you see religion for what it is. I do to.

          Thank you for your comment.

          Be Well.
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        Feb 23 2012: @Maxime..."This is exactly what we have to remove, this veil of hatred, and that is what the religious leaders, spiritual leaders are here for."

        In theory yes. In practice, that is not what is happening. Again, because people are following "HUMAN" religious leaders.

        We as humans have to turn to the Creator and look for his elevated standards of human interaction. This is easier said then done. Why, because noone feels that scriptures are worth applying in our day and age. They see it as "old-fashioned"...

        Again, I will tell you Maxime, that there are millions of individuals who at this very moment have found such a fraternal brotherhood like you speak of....people in over 200 lands, united in love, and living their life with godly devotion. It is possible.

        But, considering there are over 7 billion people wordlwide, who like to govern themselves, I seriously doubt that the majority will allow anyone else to dictate who they should and should not love or tolerate, even if it comes from a so called "religious leader", and it is televised and on the front page of all the newspapers.

        I've pretty much said all I can on the subject. I will continue to follow the conversation and see what else I can contribute that is worthy.

        Thank you for replying to all my comments.

        Be Well.
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          Feb 24 2012: I not trying to impose rules over anyone, i want to show to everyone who doubt about the possibility of Peace that Peace can be handle, even from the most unexpected, which are for many the spiritual leaders from all the different faith system, because they think they are so different.

          We are being told that the other is not like us, that they are dangerous, that they are threatening us. I want to show the world that it is not true.
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        Feb 24 2012: Maxime, I understand why you want to do it.

        I honestly agree with you, we are told that those different from us are dangerous...because if you divide, you conquer. It happens in business, it happens in families, it happens in an elementary classroom among the children....divide and conquer.

        To bring about Peace, you have to get to the root cause of the hatred.

        This is what is the solution. This is what changed my life. This is what will change the world.

        Have a good weekend Maxime. Please, go back and read carefully what I wrote....with an open mind, and see if you perceive what I am trying to show you.

        Be Well.
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          Feb 26 2012: So from your opinion, following "HUMAN" religious leaders would be the root cause of the hatred.

          But to me, it is not this simple. To me, the main cause of hatred is the division which brings assumptions of differences, of wrongness, that is what causes this hatred.

          Religious leaders are not all evil men, most of them are peaceful being only willing to bring peace around them. If the world would see a unity taking place among these particular persons, the assumptions of difference would fall for many people.

          The results would be astonishingly good.

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