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Why not compare the socioeconomic disparity in red and blue states to help facilitate the presidential election process?

Recent news/ studies were able to show that politically red states which are belligerently conservative and against federal benefit programs ARE ACTUALLY more reliant on federal benefit programs than... the blue states.

Why is that? Are there indicators we can use to measure the level of income disparity, socioeconomic disparity in blue states and red states?

I wouldn't be surprised if the income gap in red states are much higher than the blue states. IN which case, why not use that as a factor to steer our government towards a more democratic direction? Or vice versa? I think both red and blue states can agree that socioeconomic disparity is bad.

One can argue that maybe a republican candidate may have more progressive ideas than a democratic one... in which case,,, he/she should run on the democratic platform.

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    Feb 19 2012: Texas is an exception to this otherwise infallible rule btw. They pay their bills... That's why you don't mess with them : p
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    Feb 19 2012: Red States are poorly educated, and full of small towns. They all go to church, because that's the only place to go. They all love guns, because when the police station is 20 miles away... You want to protect yourself... and, when you own land, you want to hunt on it.

    There are not large concert halls and arenas nearby, so the church is the nicest building in town, and when they aren't there, they watch a lot of tv. When they watch TV, they don't like shows that offend their religious lifestyle. Income disparity is huge... but they've been convinced that it's good for them, and god, is all you need. They have lower minimum wage, because they are desperate for anyone to come there, and bring work. No one wants to go there though... because the cities in America are relatively amazing melting pots.

    If you want to go to college... You leave town. If you're homosexual, you leave town, or you cover it up. The south is just different. The GOP uses their good nature and ignorance, to exploit them. They speak double speak. They say they hate government, and rile up their constituents on social issues... but, the town, will take any money it can get. They are desperate for military bases and jobs. Unemployment among the elderly would really destroy theim without social security.... This is not to say the democrats are much better, the cities are better though.

    All of this leads to the north fronting the bill for the south, while they hate us for it.