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A TED get well message to Frans Kellner

Hey Tedsters,
Frans Kellner, our buddy here on TED is experiencing a physical challenge, which is why we have not seen his smiling face so much lately. How about sending him a get well message?

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    Feb 21 2012: Thank you all dear TEDsters for your kind comments.
    And Colleen, thanks for your idea to get me loaded with healing energy. It’s heartwarming as you may know that I always look for the door as my name is called among company.

    It is true that I gave all my painkillers away to people that had a better use for it. Good intentions really works. Again I’m appreciating more all things we just take for granted as being healthy and capable of standing and going as we please. For me it is temporary but I had to think of so many people for whom disability is a fact of life. May we care more for them and count our blessings.

    Love you all!
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      Feb 21 2012: We hope you feel better soon!
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      Feb 21 2012: Dear Frans,
      I am SO grateful to hear from you, and I see that you have been busy commenting:>)
      Glad you are back my friend, I wish you continuing recovery, and I'm happy you liked the idea of getting you "loaded"...LOL:>)
  • Feb 21 2012: Hi Mr. Frans, You do not know me. I do not, know you. I am sending YOU the biggest, " Get Well " message! Please take care of yourself! You have made a impact, on this forum! You have cyber friends! Soo, put a rubber over your head, and snap out of it! :) With the MOST Respect! :)
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    Feb 20 2012: Hey Frans,

    I know that I haven't been around lately, but I'll be here when you get back. Looking forward to reading your comments again!
    Get well soon!
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    Feb 19 2012: Dear Frans Kellner,

    You're one of the people who make TEDconversations worthwhile, get well soon.
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    Feb 19 2012: Dear Frans,

    Pleeeease get well soon and delight us with your insightful comments. I miss you.

    Sending energy to you,

    (And sweet Colleen, thank you for this considerate gesture :)
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    Feb 19 2012: Get well soon Frans!

    You are one of the commenters I really do listen to!

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      Feb 19 2012: Me too Allan...thanks for signing on:>)
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      Feb 21 2012: prachtig gezegd!
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        Feb 23 2012: You really speak all languages nowadays Colleen.
        Dutch, Japanese and what more?
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          Feb 23 2012: ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!!
          I discovered "google translate"!!! I am always honored that people are speaking my first language, so thought I would use other people's first language....with help from my translate. I really am fascinated by languages, so it's fun:>)

          Ik ben nog steeds het verzenden van je helende energie:>)
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      Feb 23 2012: Dank je Adriaan voor jouw goede wensen en wees voorzichtig want een ongeluk zit in een klein hoekje.
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    Feb 21 2012: Frans,
    I'm involved in a conversation now about smiling, positive thinking and positive attitude and I could not resist sending you more positive energy and cyber-smiles:>)

    Come on much positive, healing energy can we produce??? :>) :>) :>) :>) :>)
  • Feb 21 2012: Frans, It's me again. Breathe deeply, breathe slowly, focus on anything and everything positive. Relax. Listen to healing music. Steve Halpern makes some of that. Enjoy as much as you can. We treasure you here at We want you to feel robust. Thank you for all of your input into I look forward to a whole lot more from you. You are important. You are needed. You are respected. You are enjoyed. HAPPY RIGHT NOW.
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      Feb 21 2012: Rhona,
      That is such loving, caring advice! What we focus on expands:>)
      Hopefully, Frans will check in with us again one of these days:>)
      • Feb 22 2012: Colleen, Anything positive is possible. Some things positive are probable. We want Frans to heal quickly and to feel wonderful and to live a happy, long life. You and I use some of the power we have. We have a lot of power. We both happen to be positive people. Our contemporaries are fortunate to have us among them now. I am very glad we are expressing our true thoughts and feelings. We are accomplishing our positive goals. Frans seems to be as wonderful as we are. Happy Today.
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          Feb 23 2012: Quote: "Our contemporaries are fortunate to have us among them now."

          Rhona, you've done it again, I love this.

          Many people can use a bit of this, myself included.

          Be happy always.
      • Feb 23 2012: Frans, Thanks. You and Colleen seem very tuned in to me. I sooooooooo appreciate that. It's nice to be understood and appreciated now. I've written a lot of "Letters to the Editor" about the outrageousness of people making tons of money off of the creative work of dead artists who suffered very, very, very much from poverty while they lived. I think all of our positive everything should be poured onto the living. I appreciate your saying "Be happy always." Within the last hour I was realizing how happy I have been for quite a while. Not sure why. Just feeling good and happy and having a lot of fun. Positive feelings are contagious. Please stick around, Frans. Colleen and I greatly appreciate you as you are right now. Your presence among us teddotcomers elevates our joy levels. Thank you for co-creating yourself to be the way you are. HAPPY RIGHT NOW to you and all you love.
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    Feb 20 2012: Frans,
    I hope things are going well...looking forward to seeing you back on TED...take care my friend.
    Sending you loving, healing energy:>)
  • Feb 19 2012: Frans,
    Thank you.
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    Feb 18 2012: We miss your smiling face and insightful comments Frans...hurry back:>)
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    Feb 25 2012: Great to have you back Frans...stay well:>)
  • Feb 22 2012: Colleen, You know how much I seem to enjoy repeating myself. "Anything positive is possible" is one of the things I say repeatedly. HAPPY TODAY. I hope Frans heals quickly, feels great and lives a long, long happy life. It is possible.