Luki Berlin

Founder & CEO, Miigle - The Social Network for Innovators

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A TRUE Social Network for Ideas - one that goes beyond the concept of "crowdfunding" and supports ALL types of ideas

I am fascinated, driven, and passionate about creativity so I launched an Internet startup,, that helps people share, promote, discover, and foster ideas that match their interests while socially networking. I think our current process of innovation is obsolete and a huge paradigm shift needs to be introduced in that ALL of us can play a role in fostering innovation. And giving our money, although great, isn't the only way to do it. Our knowledge and experience can be just as critical. We can build an amazing society if we saw our human diversity as a tool rather than an impediment and worked together through social collaboration. Am I alone to think this way? I'd love to hear your thoughts. MIIGLE is currently in private Beta but here's the link where you can sign up and become one of our 300 first users!

  • Feb 21 2012: well,this is good way for us from different country,different culture to share the idea on the internet.
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      Feb 21 2012: Yes, Wu. It is a place where the world's diversity can be cultivated for the greater good. There is a lot we can and should learn from each other! Please share the link with your friends and family! Where are you from? Cheers. Luc
      • Feb 21 2012: Thank you for your reply,Luki.I'll share it with the people around me.
        I'm come from Guangzhou,Canton,China and i want to make people know more about China instead of they thought in 1980s.With the economy development,huge changes had happened in China and we'd like to seek more collaborations from all over the world.
  • Feb 19 2012: I just came across this book that describes collaboration in science. I read excerpts from the book and it is very interesting topic!
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      Feb 21 2012: Oh I'll check it out! Thanks for sharing!
  • Feb 18 2012: I think that social collaboration has a huge potential to change our society and it is already happening on many places on the Internet.

    The difficult part will be overcoming the following obstacles in any kind of social collaboration:

    - have the right focus and scope. It is very easy for one to get carry away by ideas without really focusing on something concrete that can be worked on

    - determine roles and responsibilities within collaboration group and find volunteers

    - execute the idea so that something concrete is achieved at some point because everyone has ideas but only a few are able to execute and implement them

    I am looking forward to hear more about this project and how it works.

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      Feb 21 2012: I think you're absolutely right! is interest-based so users only see idea that match their interests and therefore more willing to collaborate on. There are other features that address some elements of your other points but obviously we're leaving room for the platform to organically evolve with the requirements of the user. We're still fresh (only 1 week and half old) but we are doing something unprecedented that can have a real impact on how we approach social collaboration and what we can achieve with it. Thanks for the feedback and check out!