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World Wide Internet, accessible for all!

I've been thinking of a network of satellites that could provide free internet for all (third world is in desperate need) much like the GPS system works.

So before posting the idea to TED Conversations I did some searching, had to look a bit but I found that this project is already under development and will be set to launch in 2015.

It's called COMMStellation, check the Wiki
and the website
to learn more.

What are your thoughts on this, will you support it, will it be successful?

  • Feb 18 2012: YEAH! Let it be!
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      Feb 25 2012: Hi Adriaan,
      I don't think that local internet providers will have to much too say about this... And I'm also wondering about governments possibility to restrict access and so on... but so far the information seems kind of thin on exactly how it's going to work...