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Can you share any innovative education techniques that you have used or know about?

How are education systems adapting to the new times and technologies?
Which institutions and teachers are taking the lead?
How are you using new media to engage students in the learning?


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    Mar 7 2011: There is the Khan Academy, I use it very frequently and find it to be one of the best teaching tools on the internet.
    It is basically 10min videos of topics from 1+1 to the anatomy of a neuron. The best thing about it is that is completely free and really easy to use. You can watch videos online, practice (it has a game like feature which allows you to gain points and medals), you can become a coach and tutor others. In the past few months it has evolved to become a really helpful website for educational purposes.

    This form of education tries to give a sense of motivation through making education similar to a game. Also, most of the video's are under 10mins, this is within a student's attention span. Long lectures that are hours long are rarely watched online and students tend to tune out after a short period of time.
    I encourage you to check out their website, http://www.khanacademy.org/
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      Mar 7 2011: This is a great site! I love the game mechanics that they incorporate too!

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