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What picture or scene can represent "Positive Thinking"?

Our TEDxKhartoum 2012 theme is "Positive Thinking" based on previous Youth speaker talk that went viral compared to other talks from the same conference.

We're trying to visualize "Positive Thinking"... so, What picture or scene can represent "Positive Thinking"?

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    Feb 19 2012: Dear Anwar,
    Some suggestions:

    -Someone leaping a gap;
    -The sun behind the clouds;
    -An ant, packed with climbing gear, at the foot of a mountain;
    -A butterfly wriggling out of a cocoon to fly off;
    -A sitting baby who, with encouragement, manages to stand up.

    I hope these may be of help to you.

    Kind regards,
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      Feb 19 2012: Dear Astra,
      Thanks a lot for donating these suggestions^^
      I loved the first one most "Someone leaping a gap"...
      TEDsters are gaps fillers :)

      This talk is dedicated to you and every positive thinker here :)

      Michelle Obama's plea for education
      "close the gap between the world as it is and the world as it should be."
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        Feb 20 2012: Hi Anwar,
        Thank you for bringing Mrs. Obama's TED Talk to my attention. I had already downloaded it some time ago but hadn't come around to watching it yet.

        Two more suggestions:
        1. (animation) A scenery of a desert (or cracked mud area) and a sprout pushing its way through and ending up a beautiful flower.
        2. Young adult's face (in full view) going from a worried look (looking down to the right) slowly to a full bright smile ending face forward (in a smooth movement).

        I hope this makes sense :).
        Much success with the TEDx event.

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      Feb 21 2012: Great Ideas Astra!

      To add to your list, I have a few...

      1. A Flowing River - denotes continuity and never saying No Attitude, which reflects positivity!
      2. A stem of Roses with some thorns around... the roses again demonstrate positivity inspite of obstacles!

      Hope these make some sense :)
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    Feb 18 2012: Dear Anwar,

    a group of children trying to explore something together, maybe at school around a table, a teacher, a project, etc. They don't think about failure. They just want to know, to learn.
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    Feb 21 2012: Hi

    I remember reading a quote, when I was in school, and this quote always brings in me, a new positive energy and zeal to get up and perform even better than always. Hope this would act like a catalyst for your TED talk as well.

    "For a sane individual, every morning is the start of a new day and a newer life!"
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      Feb 21 2012: AWWW Yes Rohit....Every day is the first day of the rest of my life:>)

      Positive image? A baby smiling:>)
      A baby is open, honest, trusting, vulnerable, and unconditionally loving, which I believe are qualities that enhance positive thinking:>)
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        Feb 21 2012: So true Colleen.

        A smiling baby, infact all smiling and giggling children / babies bring with them a lot of positivity around, they make all around themselves smiling and happiness is all across the place!

        And, I guess, the reason behind that is, the smile of the baby is pure and absolute innocent with not even a single drop of sarcasm and selfishness in it!
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          Feb 21 2012: So true fact...let's expand it to all smiling PEOPLE!!!

          When we connect with the child in ourselves, it often helps us connect with more positive thinking:>) It is actually scientifically proven that smiling causes a change in the chemical make up of the body to facilitate a more positive attitude:>)
        • Feb 29 2012: a positive scene

          A baby on tippy toes JUST slips away from her grandparents hands. The hands that had her by the wrist JUST before to balance her upright now grab air as she rushes head long into her first steps and toward something wonderful that only she sees. Her eyes are bright and wide. The enchantment of her of laughter smothers all fear with delight. Her arms are still stretched up….JUST in case….but she makes it all the way into another set of waiting arms and we knew she would do it!

          Thanks Anwar, Rohit and Colleen for starting me out on this journey. It almost feels like a memory.
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          Feb 29 2012: It is a very beautiful memory Sharon. One which we can pass on, and continue to encourage:>)
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    Mar 9 2012: A smiley face:-).
  • Feb 29 2012: Here's one:

    I have a cartoon of a puny ice cube, standing on paper clip legs and with paper clip arms.
    In its right hand it is holding a dumb bell and it is halfway through a biceps curl (to develop its bicep muscle)
    On the floor to its right is a barbell made from a wooden match stick and the weights (2 on each end) are different colored life-saver candies.

    The ice cube is looking at a poster on the wall in front of it, for inspiration as it works out. It is a poster of the Titanic, half-sunk and sinking, with life boats in the foreground and people in the water.

    The name of the cartoon is,"if you can dream it, you can do it!"
  • Manue M

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    Feb 26 2012: A few suggestions:
    - a beautiful piece of art created from garbage.
    - first picture: a piece of mud. Second picture a beautiful sculptor.
    - a dark dusty ugly slum and in the middle of it, a house painted with bright colors. Then the colors could spread.
    - people in the rain... A man In Grey holding an umbrella. A kid in bright colors singing and splashing and dancing.
    - a bunch of people holding a pencil in between their teeth.
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    Feb 22 2012: How often have we seen a small note or E mail finished with a smiley face? E mails and mobile phones now even provide digital versions for us. Why? well I believe it is because not only do we have a natural affinity to all things which represent us (especially our faces) but we can elicit positivity by simply showing a (very) basic drawing of a smile on a human face, you don't even need to draw the nose!; simple but ingenious; at once it promotes and assumes compliance and/or positive thinking in a non -threatening way. I read a statistic which said something like 'you are 70% more likely to carry out a request if the note or E mail has a smiley face in it'. Positivity created by a 'nudge'. Fascinating. : )
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    Feb 22 2012: Lovely question :) Here are some random ideas i could think of:

    -A kid finger painting
    -Opening a door with a key
    -A picture taken that looks as if someone is holding the sun
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    Feb 20 2012: As I read your question I instantly thought of a photo I saw years ago. The motive of a woman sitting cross-legged, back against the photographer, meditating whilst her front is facing a beautiful setting with crystal clear water, blue skies and the characteristic rocks often associated with beautiful white beaches.

    I think that resembles positive thinking quite well.
  • Feb 20 2012: Love this question.
    At first, I wanted to add some meaningful story that is profound enough to represent "positive thinking", but on second thought, I think as long as we try to find values of our every moment of our lives, we can visualize "positive thinking" from every funny and delightful moment even if it's really trivial--except for vulgar or inappropriate things.

    When somebody cracks some practical jokes, which sound quite funny, when your little siblings or kids giggle because of your ridiculous outfits, when you listen to your favorite songs, when you find some money on the road--if it were a wallet, you would need to ponder about what would be the right thing to do, btw lol, when some friendly TEDster replied to your comment and said "I agree with you.", and when you can smile regardless of the difficult circumstances and try to overcome the obstacles, etc.
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      Feb 21 2012: Hey Elizabeth, what I understand from your examples, and what I also believe is "Smiles" bring with them a lot of positivity with them.. actually smiles bring with them, a lot of energy and happiness, which in turn gives us hope for some positive to happen! :)
      • Feb 21 2012: "...which in turn gives us hope for some positive to happen! :) "
        You can say that again.
        Thanks for your reply:)
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    Feb 20 2012: A mother smiling at the infant she cradles in her arms as the infant smiles back.
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    Feb 19 2012: The wrinkled hand of an elder being guided by the hand of a young one, or the reverse.
  • W T

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    Feb 19 2012: I am reminded of a quote by James Allen:

    "Two men looked out through prison bars; one saw mud, the other, stars."

    Can this be made into some kind of graphic....?

    The prison being symbolic of the ways our mind inprisons us into thinking
    we cannot do anything. Our deeply entrenched attitudes can turn us
    into negative thinkers.

    This morning on the radio program Speaking of Faith, the guest interviewed
    said that the anecdote to fear is.......curiosity. I found this most enlightening.

    Hope my little contribution is able to help you Anwar.....Mush Success with your
    TEDxKhartoum 2012.
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    Feb 18 2012: To burst out laughing without a reason or for something really stupid.
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    Mar 14 2012: You to have the ability to happiness of others
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    Mar 12 2012: Crowdsourcing the Graphics and Set? Cool- you have a good start. Love to know how it works out. In fact I'd love to see a chronology of the process. It could be helpful to other TEDx organizers.

    Your audience is the greatest embodiment of positive thinking you have.
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    Mar 11 2012: ...

    You are a picture of positive thinking... Thank you for all of your good work Anwar...
  • Mar 2 2012: A plant growing out of the ruins, whether ruins of a human construct, or natural devastation like fire, flood, or hurricane. Nature just keeps coming back. Another nature image that I find positive is a photo of ancient bristle cone pines.
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      Mar 5 2012: great imagery... hope, rebirth, infinite possibilities even in the trauma or ruins...
  • Feb 29 2012: for me, I think positive thinking comes from my past memory I spend part of my life on living in canada.
    now I see some pictures I took at those time sometimes. I failed I tried to get permenant regident right.
    if I have another chance, I really want to go there.
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    Feb 26 2012: How about this graphic from my site:
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    Feb 22 2012: The color blue.
  • Feb 22 2012: thanks Dr Anwar
  • Feb 21 2012: -A man running. (Not in athletic clothes.)

    It's not his job to run. He just knows there's something there. He doesn't have to know how to get there. He can find your way as you go. He just has to believe there's something there.

    The most positive thing I know is just believing. It's so positive that you don't need facts to believe.
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    Feb 19 2012: This may sound elementary but some things are. The impression I get is absence of fear in our worldview when moving towards good. The freedom we experience when deeply passionate about something and nothing can stop us. Or the innocence that surfaces when allowing our truth to steer us when doing something we inherently know is right. We let go of the nay saying that can muddy our path - whether our own tapes or those who see the world through fear - and stay on course because we trust our choices and live our life connected to the hearts and well being of others. Ultimately, thinking positively is an outcome of being honest with ourselves, believing in others, while making choices towards the greater good.
  • Feb 18 2012: An old man with wide smile climbing. A ladder ends with a black wall behind this wall lies something valuable and attractive
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    Feb 19 2012: Believing TED could reach the world. Deciding we could walk on the moon. Running for President of the US and promising to end the war and bring the troops home.Trusting you will walk again when you cannot feel your legs. Standing at the altar and stating your wedding vows. Losing everything in a disaster and knowing you will have what you need.