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Is Personalization (of Commodities, Services, etc.) killing Individualism ?

We live in a time where everything around us is changing faster than ever before. What seemed impossible a few decades ago has become common now.

However with this relentless pursuit of change and the advent of virtual reality do you think we have lost our Individualism ?

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    Feb 17 2012: Companies and the producers of things would love it if it were so because it would be easier to mass-produce stuff for large swathes of identical people.

    But I don't think consumerism is causing us to lose our individualism. Being bombarded with generic messages designed to make this or that seem more appealing may make it feel like that at times.
    • Feb 17 2012: The exclusion of "I" doesn't include the exclusion of "me". Individualism is a very egocentric -ism that humans have no need for in order to create a sense of "me", that can be separated from the other "me"-'s that we all encounter as different individuals.

      "I" likes to tell you that "I" is the same as "me" when they in reality are very different.
  • Feb 17 2012: No. I haven't. You probably have not. Maybe we are all just becoming different, more interesting.