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Can counter radicalization programs work in the Muslim World?

Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia are all Muslim Countries with overwhelmingly young populations- High levels of illiteracy & unemployment plague them- Disillusioned with the system, they are easily radicalized-
How can these societies prevent this from happening?
What type of counter radicalization programs should be implemented?
Who should implement them?

I am looking for models that may have worked in other countries- Or ideas that can specifically be adapted to these countries-

Topics: education society

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  • Feb 25 2011: The Muslim world is not your average poor population which can be turned around. They live by the thing they believe in and changing those societies is something I'm sure I won't see in my lifetime.
    • Feb 28 2011: What is the difference then? What makes the muslim beliefs so much more rigid and unchangeable compared to other cultures?

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