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Is it possible for our planet to "crash" due to being a closed biological system?

After watching a wonderful video by Mike deGruy, I was very impressed by the illustrations he used regarding closed biological systems.

Please take the time to watch the TED event talk below, and chime in with your insight and/or opinion, on whether our Earth will eventually end up like the other three examples given in the video.

Some feel this is a very big problem, and offer many different solutions.

What is your take on this issue? Is it an issue? Or is the Earth able to continue producing indefinitely?



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  • Feb 21 2012: There certainly are limitations within Earth like soil energy, and fresh water. I feel like humans are bound to hit rough rocks before they do anything substantial as part of alleviating climate change/crash and helping sustainability. Many believe we have the technology to do so, just not the political/economic will (which is just as important). An alarming fact is that according to carbon footprint studies, we use more Earth than there is available as is, and that means, in my opinion, there should we a pressing concern that we have to be more sustainable.

    I have seen a few counter-arguments towards overpopulation control, about how population will in fact level or drop, and I consider that unlikely considering how poverty will continue and possibly worsen over the years, (with 40% of pregnancies being accidental) those in poverty (a good 1/3-1/2 of the world?) will not stop reproducing (without change, of course).

    With a loose, open perspective, I believe that there is a need of both develop countries to stop consuming more than feasible, and for poorer ones to stop producing at such an alarming rate. The only thing for me to find out is why these are happening, and what their solutions are also.
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      Feb 21 2012: Alex,

      Thank you for voicing your concerns.

      I think that the why these are happening has been discussed in other ted talks.....man's greed and lack of long term vision (widom).

      The solution: These vary depending on who you talk with.

      Everyone seems to want a beautiful clean Earth....but it's not happening. We live in these huge cities, and are happy with all the entertainment and technology and restaurants....and vacations on cruise ships and eco-tours to beautiful lush forests or sandy beaches, but in reality.....our Earth is being ruined.

      Well, like I've stated in other's comments, we will have to wait and see what will happen, and who will step in.

      Thank you for contributing Alex. Be Well.

      [EDIT] IMHO population control is not the answer.

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